If you belong to the herd of people who believe in the concept of zodiac sign soul mates, you probably have the basics by now. You know which signs you are most compatible with and whose personality traits are likely to rub you the wrong way. But knowing who you are in luck with is half the battle won. Where do you find this special someone? Instead of waiting for Cupid to strike, here’s how astrologers can inspire their zodiac sign soul mates:


It is a known fact that Aries does not suffer from lack of confidence, which means that a pressure will never work. If they can catch your eye from across the room, hold a conversation and be relentless in the pursuit of their dreams, they’ve got themselves another date.

Most compatible with: Leo


The best things in life are worth waiting for and sometimes you will catch a Taurus falling in love at first sight. But if you’re looking for a relationship that can grow organically over time, that means actually putting yourself out there and giving people a chance, instead of bailing on the first sign of trouble.

Most compatible with: capricorn


The life of the party, Gemini never has trouble making sure all eyes are on them wherever they go. But if you’re looking for something more meaningful, you’ll want to look beyond their meme-sharing skills and see if their personality can handle your own free spirit.

Most compatible with: Sigh


Ruled by the Moon, this deep and passionate sign is known for being a homebody. If they’re willing to give up the Saturday night scene in favor of cuddling on the couch and swapping childhood stories, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Most compatible with: Pisces


The showstopper of the zodiac, Leo knows how to turn heads wherever they go. The ideal person on your arm would be someone who knows when to step back and let you enjoy the light. Love isn’t a one-way street for you though – there’s nothing you enjoy more than spoiling your partner with your love and attention.

Most compatible with: Leo


Detail-oriented and meticulous to a fault, this Mercury-ruled sign has a curious eye that isn’t swayed by the usual glitz and bling of the dating scene. Instead, you’re looking for someone who’s willing to go deeper than the surface—bonus points if they can correctly remember to remind you of things to like.

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