This is the best calendar I have ever purchased and continue to purchase every year. I use the specifications to plan major and minor life events and it serves as a constant guide. It has given me comfort in trying times by giving me hope for the future by letting me know when better days are ahead.
– Nivi, Pisces, West Chester, PA, USA

I love your calendar and have ordered it for many years. The artwork is amazing, and I have given pages to friends with other characters. A must have and I enjoy the detailed information you provide. The artwork alone is worth the price. Beautiful product.
– AE, Aries

Astrology Zone Calendar Art

I have it hanging over my kitchen and actually take it with me when traveling for work. I mark specific dates to keep an eye on what’s coming up and make as few decisions as possible and deal with the sky above! Sometimes, I even look back at certain stages or events and realize how well it fits with what is written in the calendar! It has become a good friend and companion! Thank you for that!
– Marcelo, Sagittarius, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have been buying Susan’s calendar for over 5 years. It’s an annual Christmas present for my daughter and my best friend (and myself!) My calendar hangs in my kitchen and I read every day. It is beautiful and colorful. Reading it helps me prepare and set my intentions, and helps me stay grounded.
— M., Taurus

Astrology Zone Calendar Art

It’s like having Susan with me every day of the year! I love these calendars they are so informative and fun. The article is beautiful and I display my calendar in my kitchen and everyone loves looking at it. I can’t wait to see what the new year calendar will bring. Thank you Suzanne for all you do.
– Dennis, Leo, New York, New York, USA

I have used the AZ calendar since its inception. I like it a lot and find it very inspiring.
– Helga, Libra, Lisbon, Portugal

Susan’s predictions have been such a source of strength for me – she has helped me move forward through difficult events in my life and helped me through difficult times.
– MJ, Aquarius, Pune, India

Astrology Zone Calendar Art

I order your calendar every year for Christmas and read it every morning. I plan my entire trip for the year using it.. Life is just easier with a little guidance. Thank you for being a true inspiration in my life.
– Anne, Pisces, Laguna Beach, CA, USA

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