With that kind of pressure, it’s understandable to want to have some fun after a long year of hard work. What better time to share food, drink, and company than the longest night of the year? A feast in early winter, when supplies are still plentiful, makes the months of hardship a little more bearable until spring. Specific holidays may vary, but their timing remains consistent with the solstice.

What does the winter solstice have to do with the zodiac?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the change of the Capricorn season from Sagittarius. This transition often goes unnoticed in the flow of year-end federal holidays, but its recognition is essential to understanding the nature and impact of the solstice.

People who don’t pay much attention to the passage of the zodiac seasons like to look at the parties on the calendar and assume that the Sagittarius season lasts until the first hangover of the new year. Wrong! The first week of Capricorn season is full of joy until exhausted Capricorns are allowed to return to their normal routines. Don’t let them fool you, though; is the to provoke Party at the beginning. It’s when the party talk goes from greens to capes that the spirit of the early December shenanigans legitimately rises. celebration.

Finally, the work for the year is over! The harvest is gathered; Spotify Wrapped and Instagram Top Nine posts shared! The demands of winter holiday perfection haven’t even begun yet, and the hedonistic rage against the dying of the light is in full effect! Sagittarians and Capricorns have joined forces throughout history to throw down some absolutely earth-shattering blows when they trade sun control, and the endless spirit of Solstice remains the same.

What should I do during the winter solstice?

There are two requirements for recognizing the winter solstice: you have to get satisfaction, then you have to get comfortable. celebration And Quiet relaxation is a successful solstice method.

First, let’s consider the party element. Capricorn is known for its focus and control, which makes the social season of Sagittarius unusually similar year after year. “Oh, the day is coming!” Some brave ancient Saturn worshipers once announced that they came up with Saturnalia. “Let us all unite and dance naked in honor of our God.” rules!” By mid-December, misbehavior is expected and codified into acceptable behavior.

On December 21st, you usually don’t need to drink alcohol and lick a stranger’s bare torso, but you should. something To consciously free yourself from the inhibitions of your base sense. It doesn’t have to be out of your comfort zone, but ideally it will be contrary to your usual nature.

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