Vishakapatnam: The people of Andhra Pradesh should pull out warm clothes from their wardrobes and store them for use from next month, with severe cold predicted in the upcoming winter season.

According to IMD, Amaravati, the minimum temperature will fall below normal in many parts of the state from the second week of November. Scientists report that this climate change is leading to extreme weather conditions. The southwest monsoon, which left two days ago, has been extended. This increased the amount of water in the atmosphere, which is green, and lowered the temperature of the sun.

“It can’t be cold all season. But people can often experience a significant drop in night temperature, especially in industrial areas of ASR district, Chittoor district and some parts of north coastal Andhra,” said senior scientist at IMD Dr. K. Karunasagar.

He said that cities and villages on the coast can be saved from the cold, because the sea absorbs and releases heat slowly, unlike the land.

There are signs of low temperatures on the ASR board. Chintapalli recorded 14.5 degrees on Tuesday.

“Our monsoon has been good and the minimum temperature can go down to 1 degree Celsius from December fortnight to the end of the year,” said director of the Regional Agriculture Research Center Dr. K. Suresh Kumar.

The entire industrial area was covered by thick fog till 10 in the morning, making it difficult for vehicles to ply on the ghat roads. Cold weather destroys normal life. It leads to disease among Adivasis, especially the elderly and children.

“Mostly, the cases of asthma and pneumonia are reported from the local villages. But not many people come to the hospitals for treatment. Even if they visit the primary health center, it is confirmed All cases are classified as common respiratory diseases,” said deputy DMHO Dr. P. Leela Prasad.

Tourists are more excited, as the business areas of Araku Valley, Lambasingi and Ananthagiri are more visited. More than 10,000 tourists visited the Araku Valley in the last two days, according to the purchase of tickets at the Borra Caves.

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