Venus is possibly the most important planet when it comes to love, romance and desire. When we read Venus in a man’s chart, it shows what kind of woman he is attracted to. Similarly for a woman it shows what kind of lover she is, what she wants from a relationship and what she is willing to give.


This is a difficult place for Venus and can make a native aggressive. In bed and in love, this person is rich, jealous and often harsh. A very enthusiastic individual with a great passion. But the restlessness prevalent among natives can be very painful for marriage and relationship.

Venus in Taurus

This is such a wonderful position for Venus, in her Earth house. This Venus is sensitive and loves touch and unforgettable sexual encounters. Native women are very stable with their loved ones and excel in their domestic duties. They are very attractive to look at and their relatives are head over heels for them. If Venus is afflicted, it gives late marriage and immoral tendencies.


Venus is happy in the house of her friend Mercury and this position combines the beauty and grace of Venus with the ability of Mercury. Conversations with this location are key to getting a man’s attention. He wants his partner to seduce him with words, especially in bed. A touch of poetry for sure. A woman would love this place to have her fans in awe of her oral prowess. She is witty and funny and knows how to engage her audience and often has more than one suit.

In venous cancer

This Venus, although mostly house bound, is very well kept. Venus nurtures attraction and Cancer, which makes them an ideal match. Definitely a good emotional placement and native with this EQ runs higher than IQ! Very responsive to emotions, which makes them very moody. These people have an inherent need to fall in love and be loved in return. Most of the male inhabitants with Oedipus complex are in this place.

Venus in Leo

This is a formal placement for Venus and if unknown, this position makes the native liberal, gentle, compassionate, kind and charitable. A watery feminine planet in this fiery masculine sign is rather determined, hot-headed and opinionated. If such a native sets his mind on someone, he will go to any lengths to declare his love and not forget. They are passionate and hot people, with an insatiable sexual desire.


This is a sign where Venus becomes weak. The Mercury conjunction gives this Venus a spontaneity! These lovers will never open up and support your love. They like to keep their loved ones hidden in their hearts. More often than not, these people are misunderstood by their loved ones. There can be delays when it comes to marriage and sometimes, they may back out before the ceremony. Yes, she could be a runaway bride. Sometimes native women may marry someone who is sick or disabled in some way and she tries to heal and restore him.

Venus in Libra

This is possibly the best placement for Venus since this is her Mole-Tricon sign. Both men and women are actually very attractive and attractive to the opposite sex. Libra’s airy and energetic nature brings many short-term love affairs which of course are not always fruitful. This Venus is very sensitive and charming, but if true love happens, then these people are in love with the mind and soul, of course with the body. Emotions can be blind and the ritual of love means more than the end.

Venus in Scorpio

No walk in the park, this place. His brooding, haunting and very intense. Scorpio rules the genitalia and Venus placed here tends to have a high libido. The native burns in the constant gratification of the sex drive and the insatiable greed without revenge. There is a unique blend of idealism about romance that comes with this place, but often the natives are disappointed in love and affection. Male residents fall for the Femme Fatale and find dangerous connections that could affect their reputations or friendships.

VENUS in Sagittarius

These natives want to look brilliant in romance. They have high ideals and high expectations. However, both men and women cannot focus on one person for a long time and they must move and meet new people, find new lovers. They seek someone with refined tastes and high ideals, with whom they can grow and develop. They are the most likely candidates to go for a non-traditional relationship or open marriage. They love to touch the opposite sex and traveling is a way through which they meet their loved ones. Passionate and intense love affairs happen with strangers in distant lands.


Here Venus shows a desire to associate with someone in a high position, someone with social status and a heavy bank balance. Emotions and love take a back seat. Marriage is seen as a way to raise status and climb the social ladder involving material gains or it is no show. This does not make them heartless gold diggers! On the contrary, they are quite steadfast in their affections and once committed, they take love very seriously. Definitely some that aren’t for PDA (public display of impressions!).

Venus in Aquarius

This placement is particularly strange because Venus is driven by certain ideals rather than love and emotion. Love is a thought, not an emotion. In case these natives divorce, they are more likely to be friends with their spouses. Their lovers appear suddenly, out of the blue and things move very quickly. They tend to live with their loved ones before tying the knot and many never actually get formally married. If they decide to go for the traditional wedding scene, it happens during their middle years and their spouse is either older or younger. For men this Venus brings older and more experienced women and female natives tend to eclipse older men.

Venus in Venus

This is the sign in which watery, feminine Venus is exalted! Gentle, dreamy and melancholy, a few words to describe these origins. They have a certain lack of feelings, but they need to be awakened and awakened. Loneliness is a strong possibility after having their hearts broken because if they find disappointment in love, they feel that their earthly incarnations have not been fruitful. They remain incomplete. The victim/savior complex often appears with this location. They want to find the “save” and then they want to save, which is why they may fall for someone else once they have “healed” their current partner. They are kind and caring and often sacrifice their own happiness to accommodate their lover.

The article was written by Tina Mukherjee, a spirit guide who works with astrology, tarot, psychology, yoga, tantra, breathwork and mantra. She works by studying astrological charts to discover heredity.

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