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The New Moon in Capricorn on December 23 is the last New Moon of 2022. The new moon, which occurs every 29 days, is known as the time of darkness in the lunar cycle. Darkness can be seen in many ways. We often associate it with negativity or sadness. It is not natural.

A better way to describe darkness would be an internal drag of energy. Darkness is what we see when our eyes are closed in meditation or before sleep. It represents a time when the light is shut off from our consciousness. When we are in darkness, we are with ourselves and our unique energy. It becomes a time to travel deeper into the depths of the subconscious mind, allowing answers and ideas to float to the surface, rather than seeking them out in the outside world.

What the New Moon in Capricorn Means for You

New Moon and Sun are positioned in the same zodiac sign. This combination provides a spark of energy that pushes us to create intentions and changes in our lives. It is time to review our lives, think about what is working and what is not. It’s a time to shed the things that don’t align with our grand vision and step toward the things that are in alignment.

Capricorn teaches us that energy and attention are precious resources. We just have so many of them, and they can be used in so many different ways. Before you set intentions on this New Moon, feel if your energy is stolen. Ask yourself what is holding you back from being the person you want to be. This can take the form of unprocessed emotions, attachments to the past, expectations of what might have happened, or even relationships.

Ideally, you want to spend your energy on things or people that give you the same energy back. When you are in an intimate relationship with everything in your life, you are never finished. Identify what is draining your energy and preventing you from fully focusing on your potential. Are you preoccupied with something that doesn’t deserve your attention? Is someone asking too much of you? Are you unable to focus because of emotions that have yet to be resolved?

While new moons usher in new beginnings, this moon also holds the energy of letting go. Spend time before the New Moon in Capricorn getting clear on where and how you are spending your energy. Notice where you are gaining energy and where you are losing it. Create containers and boundaries for the things that take up the most of you, aligning with the structure of Sapri cars.

If certain emotions are taking up your focus and attention, commit to resolving and releasing them. Spend time each day processing your emotions and give them limited attention unless they are draining your energy. This practice can devote fifteen or twenty minutes a day to journaling about your feelings so that they are felt and heard, but do not try to absorb them throughout your day.

In the same way, you can do this process with anything to get the most attention. Maybe someone is trying to absorb too much of your time. You can give them limited engagement every week or every other week so they know when you have a healthy limit.

You can also do this with past attachments. Give yourself space each week or day to focus on these attachments, then resist the urge to think about them throughout the day. It is your responsibility to focus on empowering yourself. Focus your energy on what you want and not what you have. Also, commit to finding things that give you back. It can be a project, a person, or an activity. Find out what restores your energy, turning you into a cycle.

How to navigate the New Moon in Capricorn

This New Moon in Capricorn is all about the small steps that add up to big dreams. Capricorn teaches us appreciation. Part of this definition is deciding what each day, week, and month will look like, and how we spend our precious time.

Once you feel clear about where you want to focus your energy moving into the coming year, write down your intentions. The place to start setting your intentions is your morning ritual. At this new moon, take time to describe the beginning of your day. Within these early hours, we set the stage for life, and we lay the foundation for the emergence of our dreams. Even if you don’t know what you want this New Moon, or this coming year, set aside space to find it.

Decide what time you want to wake up each day, what your first moments will look like, and what methods will guide your energy. What we do in the morning sets our vibration for the day. It’s a powerful time, and one we often miss. As you work with the Capricorn New Moon, perform a ritual that extends into your early hours—before the sun dissipates the energy of the day and when you can find peace in the silence around you. .

As you begin to establish routines and rituals for the start of the year with the help of this New Moon, also decide what is worth your attention. What projects, people, or hopes do you want to feed with your energy? Capricorn reminds us that we live in a world that consists of time. We can bend time, but we can’t break it. We must decide how to spend our time and express our intentions to use it with focus, determination and clarity.

Think of energy as your currency. You can spend it, invest it, or save it. There will be times when you want to spend it because you have enough. There will be times when you want to save it because you don’t feel much of it. Then there will be times when you want to invest it, meaning you give it to something and maybe feel drained for a while, but in the end, you get back more energy than what you put into it. You actually sent it.

Align with this new moon to decide the overall vibration you want to manifest in your life. What are you open to receiving? What energies do you want to return for your time and attention? And what vibrations support your growth?

This New Moon is a time to reflect on your future and recognize the steps, no matter how small, you need to manifest the life you want to live. It’s time to get clear and let the universe know you’re ready to step into the future.

Other astrological effects on the new moon

This New Moon in Capricorn is square Jupiter in Aries. Squares can bring tension and conflict into our lives. It is important to be aware of them so that they do not create obstacles or distractions. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance. It reminds us that we are in charge of our own expansion. We decide how big our lives can be, and we decide if we want to stay small.

Jupiter in Aries shines a light on how we align with our soul’s mission. It asks us to look within and decide if we are selling ourselves short of our destiny. This place wants us to take place. It wants us to put ourselves first, and it wants us to reach the potential we were born to live.

your invitation

As the New Moon in Capricorn squares Jupiter, it brings issues around your expansion. It challenges you to write down intentions and envision a future that includes your soul’s potential. This aspect asks if you are living small because of fear or self-doubt. It gives you the courage to be bold, put yourself first, and step into your full power. If you feel conflict coming into your life, know that it is only to show you where you need to overcome old obstacles in a new way.

Likewise, if you feel overwhelmed by the worries of energy drains, ask yourself if you are avoiding the steps that are needed for your growth. Yes, it can be difficult to push beyond your comfort zone, but Capricorn’s energy complements Jupiter to help you overcome obstacles and climb mountains. Feel the possibility of your life at this New Moon and know that your potential has no limits.

Learn more about the New Moon, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Capricorn Season + New Moon Workbook, referenced above.

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