All Californians, regardless of their state, race, age, or immigration status, should have the support they need to survive. Payment of refundable taxes to the state, such as California earned income tax creditis an important way the state provides economic support to low-income Californians to help families and individuals:

  • avoid poverty and food insecurity
  • have better health
  • experiences that have improved educational efficiency and economic security.

What is the California Earned Income Tax Credit?

The California Earned Income Tax Credit, known as the CalEITC, is a refundable tax credit that provides economic support to low-income Californians and helps individuals and families. to pay for basic needs such as housing, food and other necessities.

Who is eligible for the CalEITC?

The CalEITC is for families and individuals with very low incomes and is available to all tax filers NO about immigration status. The CalEITC reaches people with earnings from $1 to $30,000 — the equivalent of full-time wages and minimum wage.

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Investing in proven policies like the California Earned Income Tax is a simple way to achieve a California where everyone has the income they need to pay for basic needs.

What is the Child Tax Credit and who benefits from it?

The Young Child Tax Credit, also known as the YCTC, is a refundable state tax credit available to CalEITC-eligible families with children under the age of 6. loans of less than $1,000 to each qualified family with an income between $25,000 and $30,000.

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Do you have children under the age of 6?

If you qualify for the CalEITC and have a child under the age of 6, you may also receive a refundable tax credit through the Child Tax Credit.

Can an employee file an ITIN claim the CalEITC?

At the beginning of the 2020 tax year, California expanded access to the California Earned Income Tax Credit for employees who file taxes with an individual taxpayer number. (ITIN). ITIN holders qualify for both the CalEITC and the Child Tax Credit.

ITINs can be obtained by taxpayers who do not receive a social security number – usually immigrants to the United States without legal status – and are used to file federal and state taxes, open bank accounts, and to -other things that require authorities. government identification number.

California can extend the CalEITC and YCTC

In every part of California, children, parents and millions of working adults can claim the California Earned Income Tax Credit by filing their taxes. State leaders can do several things to ensure that the CalEITC provides the support these Californians need to meet their basic needs and thrive:

  • Increase the minimum CalEITC credit (currently $1 minimum)
  • Increase child loans for families with children of any age (not just 0-5).

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