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What if I told you that a comet with a unique and elongated orbit that travels from the far side of the Stray Belt, zipping through the space between Saturn and Uranus, could offer great insight into our deepest wounds. And Our greatest strength?

Well, you probably won’t that Wonder why you’re here. But the drama! However, it is called Chiron, “wound healer.”

Chiron was first identified in 1977 by astronomer Charles T. Cole. Too big to be a planet, but too small to be a planet, the discovery of Chiron ushered in a new class of celestial objects – the centaurs – which are small planetary bodies in the asteroid belt (between Mars and Jupiter) and the Kuiper belt. rotate between (beyond Neptune).

So what exactly is Chiron? And what does it have to do with astrology, your birth chart, future, etc.? Keep reading.

Chiron is named after a centaur in Greek mythology – a teacher and healer who, ironically, could not heal himself. As the story goes, Chiron was seriously injured after being accidentally hit by a poisoned arrow from Hercules. He retreated to his cave and nursed his wounds for years – but no relief came. Unable to die due to his divine status, Chiron suffered eternal torment, so he eventually went to Zeus (King of the Gods) and traded his immortality for the freedom of Prometheus (a Titan who had been punished). suggested. eternal punishment for stealing fire from the gods). Zeus agreed, Prometheus was freed, and Chiron’s soul was guided to Mount Olympus. Again, drama!

Inspired by this story, in astrology, Chiron symbolically represents the “wounded healer” in us only as humans, revealing our deepest pain, how we deal with that pain, and how our Your healing power is the ability to help others. Chiron symbolizes the power of danger, encouraging us to connect and process the dark and cornered places of our past. What’s more, this powerful comic emphasizes that individual healing is collective: the work we do to care for ourselves spills out, allowing us to heal others through our shared and emotional experiences.
On an individual level, Chiron begs us to face our most difficult memories, grapple with our deepest insecurities, and expose our deepest wounds – and that’s what the “split” signals. That’s how we should go about it.

In astrology, the celestial bodies of our solar system, including Chiron, are shown in our individual birth chart (i.e. a map of the sky at the exact time of your birth, based on your date, time, and place of arrival). is calculated). Their placement (i.e., which astrological house they sit in), both in our chart and in the present, along with the meaning and symbolism associated with each celestial body, can help us understand our fears, desires, ambitions, and more. It helps to eliminate And what to do with all that intel.

Starting in February 2019, Chiron moves into Aries, where it will travel until 2026. This is actually the first time Chiron has stepped into Aries since 1976, so, for many of us, it’s the first time we’ve ever experienced the sensitivity of the Chiron sign. Filled with the fiery passion of Aries.

To find Chiron in your birth chart, download TimePassages for iPhone or Android (it’s my favorite astro app!) or check out the Chiron table available at CafeAstrology. Because Chiron has an irregular orbit of about 50 years, it stays in a zodiac sign for about 4 years, which means it’s very likely that you’ll share a Chiron placement with people in your peer group. will do

Ultimately, the placement of your Chiron will reveal how you can turn pain into strength in your life. On the other side of your deepest wounds—that is, the fear, anxiety, trauma, and challenges you’ve endured—is your own power to heal yourself and others by acknowledging your courage, accepting By doing and hugging.

Take a look at which zodiac sign Chiron occupies in your chart, and how the themes associated with that sign (detailed below) have shaped who you are. Is your Chiron in Cancer – Did your parents have a difficult divorce that shook your perception of stability? Or is your Chiron in Libra – have you only gained validation in the past by stroking the fragile egos of others? Next, consider how these challenges have shaped your perception of reality and, in turn, made you a more sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic person. Can your past experiences, your deepest pain, motivate you to help others who are facing similar situations? Believe it or not, touch those fat parts of your person is the The greatest medicine.

See below for words related to each chiron location injury and treatment to get started.

The thing that bothers you the most: Fear of failure

How to solve it: Teamwork over competition

The thing that bothers you the most: as confirmation of material wealth
How to fix it: Improving relationships with finances through generosity

The thing that bothers you the most: Feeling out

How to solve it: Building friendships through shared quirks and idiosyncrasies

The thing that hurts you the most: childhood illness

How to fix it: Nurture your inner child by cultivating healthy relationships

The thing that hurts you the most: Being ignored

How to treat it: Abnormal functional expression

The thing that bothers you the most: Perfectionism

How to solve it: Focus on the process over the product

The thing that hurts you the most: Leaving

How to solve it: Develop a deeper relationship with yourself

The thing that hurts you the most: Being controlled

How to solve it: Embrace truth and honesty

The thing that bothers you the most: Feeling lost

How to solve it: Developing individual philosophy through life experiences

The thing that hurts you the most: Raising your parents

How to fix it: Learn to prioritize fun and happiness

The thing that hurts you the most: Loneliness

How to solve it: Organizing community movements built on empowerment

The thing that hurts you the most: Being bullied

How to fix it: Integrating sensitivity and emotions into everyday life

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