Whenever we read a horoscope (if you haven’t read your horoscope for September yet, what are you waiting for?), we usually come across words like zone, sector and section. For example: “The Moon will highlight your romance zone.” Or: “Saturn transits your friendship sector.” All these words are synonyms of the more technical astrological term houses. There are 12 houses in everyone’s natal chart, and, as we’ll see below, each corresponds to some important, essential aspect of our lives: love, friendship, money, identity, health, and so on.

When the planets move through the houses, the energies of the two interact to create drama in our lives. If, for example, analytical Mercury aspects our 11th house of friendship, we may find ourselves more picky about who we choose to hang out with. Although there are only 12 houses and 7 main planets, the cosmic playhouse that can represent dramatic plots is limitless.

With all this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the house itself. So the next time we read a horoscope reference to, say, our “money zone,” we not only politely disagree as we’re hearing, but actually don’t understand what a guy at a bar is saying. Regarding cryptocurrency.

Below, is a complete guide to which houses are in astrology and what each one means.

First House: Self

Initially the first house was associated with face and color, ego, identity and selfhood. This is the part of the chart that shows how we appear to others, but also how we think about ourselves and the world. 1st house rules the head and mind. When, for example, war-like Mars is placed there, we find personality types that can fight with themselves or are internally conflicted. Quicksilver Mercury (communication) finds its “joy” here, as it is able to convey words from the head to the world. Venus (beauty) in the first house turns to a beautiful appearance. and so on. This is the house that completes “I am…”

Second House: Money

Our money karma is paid in the 2nd house. But not only money. This area of ​​the chart also refers to profits, goods, values, and possessions. In short, property of things. Transiting Saturn here can indicate a time to hold cash or limit our spending, while suggesting an increase in extensive shared wealth or fortune. Reckless Mars does not do well here, suggesting risky financial behavior. Mercury indicates intelligence. If the first stanza helps to complete the phrase I AM, the second stanza deals with “I have.”

Third House: Communication

All forms of communication are associated with the third house – sending letters, starting rumors, messaging friends, giving speeches, writing papers. But the third house also rules short journeys. Accordingly, the changing moon is its “joy” in this house, and when it is in transit it means more travel, work, busy activities and so on. Mercury (communication) in the 3rd house indicates the accuracy of our words, while expansive Jupiter can indicate a large output. This house is also associated with brothers, sisters and neighbors. Jangi Mars transiting on 3, therefore, can predict anything like a verbal argument with a sibling. Venus, on the other hand, signals sweet words to them. Home of “I Say”.

Fourth House: House

We usually think of the fourth house as referring to issues related to the home, but it is also related to land, property and inheritance. More than all this, perhaps, this house is associated with father or father figures. Sun transiting here predicts a good time with Baba, while lucky Jupiter can suggest an increase in property. If Saturn, the planet of decline, can indicate the loss of a home, then beautiful Venus indicates a transition to beautify it. The house of “I live”.

Fifth House: Romance

An excellent house, it deals with fun, romance, creativity, entertainment, and birth. It is related to nightlife, entertainment and hotels. To be attuned to its energy, we need to go outside, looking for trouble or love. It is also the house of creativity – fertility in mind and body. Physically, the fifth house corresponds to the liver (drinking), stomach (eating) and heart (making love). Dividing Venus in this part of the chart is its “joy,” which makes sense as Venus signifies desire and pleasure. When Venus or the Moon turns here, be careful or prepare for pregnancy, while Saturn often dries up seeds. “i make.”

Sixth House: Routine

The daily humdrum house, the 6th indicates diet, routine, busy work, and health. Malefic Mars has its “joy” here. Mars loves to use its energy, and appropriately, this part of the chart presides over actions. The 6th is also related to your work environment, your employees, pets, and habits. The Sun offers a good time for medical check-ups here, while transiting Mercury indicates energy for good nutrition and calorie counting. “I work” is the spirit animal of this house.

7th House: Relationships

One of the major houses, this part of the chart deals with partnership (business, spouse), marriages, relationships, love, and love. If the first verse is all about oneself, this verse is about others. What are the important karmic bonds through which I should work with people beyond the blood boundaries of mother, father, siblings? This house also refers to contractual agreements (legal, business, marriage contracts). When the New Moon passes through here, it suggests a time to ask a question to a partner. A full moon marks a time for them to respond. A warlike Mars 7 can indicate a power struggle. Venus and Jupiter, on the contrary, indicate understanding and harmony. Seeing that this house deals with marriage, the verb can be “I do”.

Eighth House: Debt

Perhaps the hardest house to wrap one’s head around, this section of the chart deals with financial debt—what we owe others, but also what others owe us. It deals with wills, inheritances and last testaments. In this sense, the eighth house is afflicted with the shadow of death and how we will die. To make things even more complicated, it also refers to sex, taxes, and spiritual change. In medical astrology, it rules the genes. So, in addition to debt and death, this house has something to do with sexual intimacy – sharing and enacting our fantasies. In more modern valence, it has to do with shared finance. Finally, this house has a magical, dark, intuitive energy. Be wary of anyone who says they understand the eighth house. “I lend” or “I share.”

9th House: Spirituality

In ancient times this was the house of Deen. In our more secular times, it refers to spiritual practice and higher learning. As a corollary, it also refers to long distance journeys. The purpose of this house is to take the mind or body to higher places than normal, either physically (as in a life-changing journey) or mentally through knowledge, books, spiritual insight. Naturally, the wise Gypsy loves this house (and suggests things like studying abroad). The sun’s “joy” is also here, which makes sense because the sun and knowledge are connected to the mind. Unlike the 8th house, the architecture of the 9th seems more simple and clean. Its mantra: “I learn.”

10th House: Career

Again, from a large house. As the 10th house deals with career and public persona, it is somewhat related to the first house: both sides of the chart are concerned with how we are perceived by others. The 10th house is strongly related to recognition in the public sphere, however. It also refers to professions and professions, honors and rewards. Some call it the house of fame. Unlike the 6th house (which applies more to busy work and tasks), the 10th is the house. It’s about calling. Sad Saturn can deny professional recognition here, while expansive Jupiter and the Sun enhance it. This house also relates to mother. Moon transiting 10th may cause problems with him. Finally, this is the home of effort.: “I get it.”

11th House: Friendship

In our social media moment, the 11th house of friendship is perhaps more important to us than ever before. This house rules under your friends, colleagues and social networking.. This deals, in part, with betrayal, trust and confidence as well. Hopes and aspirations also live under its roof. Jupiter is in this house of “happiness” and, when transiting here, brings good fortune through acquaintances (for example, someone you know getting a job). Companion Venus, a social planet, also loves this place, while Mars can cause fights with your friends. 11th House Meaning: “I understand.”

12th House: Secrets

Like the Eighth House, this one exists beyond clear explanations. It designates secret matters, unconsciousness, dreams and sleep. It deals with hidden enemies. Everything about this house is in the shadows. It brings up past traumas and causes suffering and pain. Appropriately, harsh Saturn, the maker of mischief, is “happy” here. This part of the chart has something to do with learning to let go of emotional baggage for spiritual growth. In this context, “I Release” is its middle name.