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On Tuesday morning, Jupiter, the planet of fate, enters hot-headed Aries, heralding a change in fortunes. Until it comes out in mid-May, the universe will reward courage over caution. Do not give hints or play games; Choose a direct route rather than a roundabout, even if it means taking a risk. Then on Wednesday evening the Sun joins Mercury, conjunct Venus and Pluto, followed by the Capricorn New Moon on Friday morning. Some people find Capricorn’s seriousness and practicality oppressive, an unpleasant reality check – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Think of it, instead, as a gentle reminder not to waste your precious time on earth. Your dreams are within reach, but they won’t come true on their own. It’s up to you, so go ahead.

When you’re presented with opportunities that scare you, your usual strategy is to say “yes” before you’ve even had a chance to talk yourself out of it, to close your eyes and dive in head first. . This week, however, you may find that your negative thoughts are louder than ever, making it impossible to ignore your worries about potential consequences, no matter how hard you try to drown them out. If they are persistent, they may be worth considering. Remember that it is possible to face your fears. You don’t need to make quick decisions. You can slow it down, a dare And One careful step at a time.

Sometimes, it feels impossible to make any real progress toward your long-term goals: you’re too busy earning a living, paying attention to the people you love, dealing with the day-to-day (and sometimes sometimes in luxury). You wait for a moment when you finally catch on and can, finally, dedicate yourself to the big picture, but it never comes. So this week, it’s up to you to make time for what’s important to you, whether it’s your community, your career, or your creative life. It’s not easy, but it’s the only way.

Right now, it seems like everything – from small talks and tasks to important talks and big projects – is taking more time than ever. Every little task is more difficult and tiring than it once was. Before you make any big changes, consider whether you just need a break. Take the time you can to be around, let your body rest and do nothing. Then you can pick up right where you left off.

You have an iron desire to hide under a layer of consideration for others. Your kindness is a big part of what makes you so lovable, but it’s not all you have to offer. You are a natural caregiver, but don’t let anyone make you think that all is well for you. You have your own needs and wants. You are a force in your own right.

Take a break from trying to impress your assignment this week. Not your crush, not your Instagram followers, not even, if you can manage it, your boss. Stop worrying about what kind of impression you’re making, or whether others see how wonderful you are. Instead, focus on the work that feels good or useful or interesting, which is the most satisfying you. Believe that there are people who already see the best in you. Act like you have nothing to prove, because you don’t.

We all sometimes act in ways we regret – even you, the bride. It is only human to misunderstand others, to embarrass oneself, to pull out in difficult times. But while some are quick to point out their mistakes and shortcomings, you are hard on yourself. This week, you’ll find it especially easy to dwell on the past, but it’s important that you try to move forward. If there is a mistake that you need to correct, then do so. Holding yourself hostage, stuck in the past, will not help anyone. You have so much to offer.

At this time, you can be unusually harsh on people – others and yourself alike. You are usually generous and understanding, but you are losing your patience. You are tired of allowing constant mistakes, confusion, bad behavior. You want, for once, for projects to go as they are shouldfor people as they work should, stop making excuses for everyone. This week, it might not be a bad idea to lean into this energy. There are times when compassion is called for, but on occasion, demand is what gets results. Give it a try.

As you look back on the past year, it’s easy to realize that you should have achieved more. You dwell on the times when you fell short, on the ideas that never came to fruition, or on the general feeling that you are “behind” where you should be. In reality, though, you’re doing fine. You don’t miss out on life; It just took a different form than your younger self expected. This week, try to look to the future without beating yourself up over yesterday’s disappointments. There are wonderful things ahead.

You are someone who prefers to keep your options open, and you take great comfort in knowing that there are countless new experiences ahead of you. Yet in order to live fully in the present, it is necessary to finally narrow your focus. When you choose a job or a partner or a life path, you have to close the door on others – at least for a while. This week, you may be sad about the future you will never find, but try to trust that you are where you need to be.

Lately, your days have been defined by waiting – for change, for news, for something To be that will get you out of this mess. You’ve been impatient to get moving again, but the universe seems determined to hold you back. This week, however, you may finally feel a shift. You may feel new strength, a boost in your confidence, a fresh and surprising joy. You are no longer treading water: you are finally moving forward. And you will find that the waiting, those idle and uninspired days, was not in vain. Silently, and so slowly, that you hardly notice, you grow all the time.

This week, you may feel worried that you are not doing “enough”, that you should be making better use of your time, trying to achieve greatness or great victories. This pressure is always to do any longer Maybe from someone in particular – a partner, a parent, a colleague – or it could just be a vague inclination. Otherwise, you are allowed to resist it. You can try and get it when you are driven, but you have other options. Quiet acts of integrity, doing their job well, enjoying the company of friends: they live a good life, too.

You are adept at solving problems as they arise, cool in all kinds of emergency situations. But when you’re constantly reacting, you don’t have much energy left to strategize or take action toward what you want. This week, take time to focus on your desires, your goals in life. Don’t wait for other people to determine what your days will look like, or for the universe to determine your next move. Use this opportunity to make your plans.

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