VISAKHAPATNAM: The CPM demanded an explanation from the Andhra Pradesh government for the Steel Manufacturers Vizag investment.
The party questioned why the government had tabled the proposal and why the chief secretary of the state attended the Dashboard meetings of the Union steel minister.
CPM district leader and GVMC member Dr B Ganga Rao and steel plant union leader KM Srinivasa Rao said the central government has already held preliminary talks with Tata Steel, JSW, Adani and Posco and also organize road shows.
“There are rumors that the local government has met to do a secret business review. The local government is planning to speed up with the support of the state government,” they said.
They said that the local government wanted to create a bad impression among the public by putting the plant at about Rs 3,000 crore loss.
“The central government has joined together to bring the public to the idea of ​​the plant by reporting the losses. This is done with the support of the CM. Otherwise, he raised his voice against the central government. The CM should intensify the agitation at the Center on the issue of the steel plant and arrange an all-party meeting and meet with the Prime Minister,” demanded the CPM leaders.

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