VISAKHAPATNAM: As criminals are becoming more technologically advanced and coming up with new ways to cheat people, the police are finding it difficult to deal with them. As a result, cyber crimes on Vizag and other parts of the state are rising at an alarming rate. New cybercrooks have stolen property worth around 16 crore from Vizagite in 2022.
In a major change in extortion, the criminals got more money from the denizens of Vizag city by withdrawing their online accounts before breaking into their houses and including shops.
According to the Vizag city police, the money is less than the usual thieves (thieves, dacoits, and robbers) in the past years.
Vizag city has recorded 596 cybercrime cases (from January to December 13) this year, registering over 95 per cent increase in such crimes over the previous year (2021). Cybercrooks stole over 9.24 crore from Vizagites by duping them using various methods in 307 cases in 2021.
Among the complaints filed in 2022, violations related to part-time jobs (76 cases), google customer care numbers (69 cases), KYC link update (55 cases) and cryptocurrency (4 cases) take the lead in terms of people who lose a lot.
The loss of property in the city is gradually decreasing. But the value lost to cybercrime is increasing. The rise in online fraud cases indicates that the police will tackle various types of crimes in the coming days.
Talking to TOI, inspector of cybercrimes police, Vizag, K Bhavani Prasad said that cybercrooks have cheated over 600 people in Vizag city in the year 2022. Here, the person claims that charged with money for buying currencies like bitcoin and others they don’t give to the victims,” ​​he said.
Feeling bad It is one of the main reasons why people fall prey to cybercrimes. The increase in cases can be attributed to the ease of access to digital platforms. Tech-savvy people with the wrong skills end up doing these virtual tricks. We are on the job to identify and arrest the accused who are operating from different parts of the country and the world, added Bhavani Prasad.
When a financial fraud is reported within a few hours after the crime is committed, there is a greater chance of releasing the money or getting it. This time is called the golden hour when transactions are recorded and money is received from the payment gateway. People should be aware of new types of cybercrimes to protect themselves, police said.

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