Bolla Srikanth will interact with the students of Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan at Kapuluppada in Visakhapatnam on Thursday.

Bolla Srikanth will interact with the students of Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan at Kapuluppada in Visakhapatnam on Thursday. | Image Credit: ON THE END

Bolla Srikanth, the first blind student to graduate from MIT in the USA, held sway over the students of Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan during his second long talk with them in a program, organized at the school in Kapuluppada here on Friday.

Poverty, unemployment and ignorance are the three biggest problems in India. But any idea what causes these three problems? A boy finally spoke up and invited Mr. Srikanth takes her on stage and gives her chocolates. Because of laziness, we keep putting things off and eventually the task is abandoned. Once laziness is eliminated, solutions to these problems can be found. At the macro level, procrastination is a stumbling block to a nation’s progress.

“I was born unknown and people around me, including my family, doubted whether I could achieve anything in life, and they thought I was a burden to society. But, I proved them wrong with my patience and hard work. When someone said that I can’t do something, I took it well and I used extra efforts to achieve it,” he said. .

Mr. Srikanth told the children about the need to pursue their passion with full commitment. “A low goal is wrong and those who aim for heaven can climb a mountain. We all have the same brain but the difference between great men like Dr. Abdul Kalam and Steve Jobs and others used their brain to its full potential while the latter only used a part of it,” he said.

When a student asked him if he thought about quitting, Mr. Srikanth, “Every day. But I am determined to overcome the difficulties as I have chosen my goal and I have to succeed there. Running from a problem does not take the man elsewhere.”

Sagi Sri Hari Varma, an alumnus of Sri Prakash, now a cinematographer from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, gave a presentation to the students.

The school celebrated its annual ‘Aroma’ day at Gurajada Kalakshetram on Thursday evening. The students showed their creativity through the presentation.

Mr. Bolla Srikanth, Founder and Managing Director of Bollant Industries Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, , Patibandla Satyanarayana Prasad, Judge at National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai, Rear Admiral LV Sarat Babu, former CMD of Hindustan Shipyard Limited, and Sagi Sri Hari Varma were among those who participated as guests. on the day of the anniversary. .

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