On Sunday, 18 December 2022, the Visakhapatnam city police and the City Task Force arrested five men in the case of extortion and drug use. According to the police report, the accused had 70 grams of MDMA blots or what is known as crystal meth. Officials said the dealers had procured the drugs from Bangalore and were planning to sell them during the New Year celebrations in the city.

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In a press conference held on Sunday, Visakhapatnam City Police DCP K Anand Reddy said that S Prasanth (27), a resident of Dwaraka Nagar, is heading this racket. According to the police, he suffered huge losses in his business in 2020, leading him to use drugs to recover. Prasanth took the help of Azhar Ali (23) of Bangalore to buy MDMA crystals and sold 50 grams at Rs 4,000 per gram. The police added that two Vizag residents and friends of Prasanth, Vishnu Vardhan (26) and Bhargav Teja (27), helped him in selling drugs to the youth of the city.

To celebrate the new year, this group sold 90 grams of MDMA through Ali’s cousin in Bangalore in November. The Visakhapatnam city police on Sunday arrested these four men for drug possession and V Karunakar for drug consumption. Another search to catch more about this racket is on its way.

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