All India Pensioners Day was observed by LIC pensioners and service employees, on the banners of ICREA and ICEU in front of the LIC Divisional Office on Monday.

The participants expressed their displeasure over the Central government’s huge delay in clearing the issue of 30% family pension due to the last payment being withdrawn and raised words of criticism. measuring the nature of government. They raised slogans demanding implementation of financial health benefit to meet home health expenses and implementation of old age pension scheme to all employees, with the LIC continuing to the public sector.

Addressing the court, K. Mohan Rao, national vice-president, AIIPA, said that the Central government has delayed the increase in family pension even though the LIC director had said three years ago . He called on the members to fight for the abolition of the New Pension Scheme (NPS) and for the restoration of the defined benefit pension scheme for all employees.

Former MLC MVS Sarma, who is also a senior pensioner of LIC, explained the connection between various threats to government institutions and attacks on workers, pensioners, farmers, students and unemployed youth. He said that the neo-liberal economic reforms are the only reason for these attacks and called them to join the collective struggle and win the reforms.

ICEU general secretary G. Vara Prasad said that a resolution was approved and sent to the Director of LIC of India through the Director General, Visakhapatnam.

ICREA general secretary R. Pandu Rangan, honorary president N. Krishna Murty, and ICEU president M. Kameswari were among the participants.

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