The captive monkeys were kept in a cage at Aratlakota, 105 km from Visakhapatnam.

The captive monkeys were kept in a cage at Aratlakota, 105 km from Visakhapatnam. | Photo Gallery: SPECIAL ARRANGMENT

Nearly 5,000 residents of the small Aratlakota village in Anakapalli district, 105 km from Visakhapatnam, have come together to better deal with the monkey menace in their village by designing an effective action plan.

The people brought it to the attention of the village sarpanch P. Appalanarsa many times, and he addressed the public problem in a meeting held with the officials of the departments in April, 2022 .Then it was decided to send the monkeys to a safe place to call for gifts for doing the job.

Three departments specializing in monkey recording participated in the awards. One Govinda Aggiramudu of Korukonda (Rajahmundry), who offered the lowest price of ₹330 per animal was offered for the job.

Aggiramudu’s team started catching monkeys from the second week of December. They found about 300 monkeys using scientific methods. Later, in the presence of forest officials, the animals were released into the Pandenduva Mailu forest, located about 12 miles from Paderu.

Say to The HinduSarpanch Appalanarsa, an alumnus of the Department of Botany of Andhra University, “All the villagers did not ask me about the maintenance works of roads, street lights etc. One The only public problem that all of them have pointed out is the monkey menace. It has been a major problem in our village for years. With the cooperation of the elders and the people, we have decided to solve the problem.We have sent more than 300 monkeys into the permanent forest and we are closely monitoring the remaining 50 to 100 monkeys.

A resident of Arjun village said his daughter Aksha was injured in a monkey attack in the first week of December. “She is our only daughter. We rushed him to the hospital where the doctors said there was no harm. Every day at least one person goes to the hospital with injuries caused by monkeys. Now, we are taking a break,” he added.

Aggiramudu said the villagers joined forces in catching the monkeys.

“We used bananas, nuts and beans among the fruits and nuts to attract the monkeys,” said a monkey catcher.

During the meeting, Payakaraopeta forest division officer Lakkoju Vijay Kumar said The Hindu on the orders of the forest officials, they led the monkey hunting team and helped them release the monkeys at night near Paderu.

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