With the world on lockdown, people are trying to find new ways to keep themselves entertained. People are trying new things to keep themselves engaged. While some people are trying new things, others are comfortable with a pet. A video of a dog playing volleyball with its human companions has caused a stir online. Netizens are extremely impressed with this adorable dog.

Video shared on Instagram by the Norwegian beach volleyball team shows a dog named Kiara and his companions playing a match. The video shows the dog getting very excited as he chases the ball. Kiara can be seen not only running after the ball, but she is actually playing the game. Kiara joins the action as one of the player’s teammates in a two-on-two volleyball match.

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Dog playing volleyball

This is not the first time Kiara has played the sport. An earlier video shows the dog doing practice moves so it can tell when it has to chase the ball and when it has to wait for its teammates to get it. Absolutely thrilling video. The video was originally shared on Instagram by the Norwegian beach volleyball team.

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One user said: “It’s amazing that she waits for the second touch.” Another Instagram user said, “The dog exercises better than me.” Another said: “She is amazing. “While another user commented, “That’s really impressive.” Another said, “We don’t deserve the dogs, they are amazing.” Another user said: “I found a new player for your team when you returned to OZ.” Business magnate Harsh Goenka was also impressed with Kiara. He tweeted and shared the video and said: “Dogs have a way of finding people who need them and filling a void we never knew we had.

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