Did you know that Andhra Pradesh is home to many islands, located between its lakes and the Bay of Bengal? Well, the wide coastline of the Telugu state has many small islands that are not seen by the tourists that boast of various landscapes that are perfect for a relaxing vacation. If you are an adventurer who wants to explore the unknown, here are the 5 must-visit islands in Andhra Pradesh for your next vacation.

Plan your next trip to these unspoiled islands in Andhra Pradesh

#1 Bhavani Island

Vacation in these 5 must visit islands in Andhra PradeshLocated in the middle of the Krishna River in Vijayawada, Bhavani Island is considered one of the largest islands in India. The 133-hectare island is open to tourists with plenty of fun things to do. A dinosaur park, maze garden, glass maze, golf and badminton simulators and cycling tracks are great attractions. The beautiful views of the beautiful river during sunrise and sunset are top of the list. Book your stay at many hotels here for a relaxing vacation in Andhra Pradesh.

#2 Final Island

Vacation in these 5 must visit islands in Andhra PradeshFounded in the 18th centuryth century, by sediments carried by the Koringa River, a tributary of the Godavari, this tadpole-shaped island lies off the coast of Kakinada in the Bay of Bengal. Abounding in fishermen, this small island is an interesting destination to visit in Andhra Pradesh. Rich in history and culture, this small island in Kakinada Bay is a shelter from the storms coming from the Bay of Bengal. Little known to tourists, this island has never been a tourist destination. One can choose to stay in the country and visit this place along with other interesting things to do in Kakinada.

#3 Sriharikota

Vacation in these 5 must visit islands in Andhra PradeshBest known for ISRO’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota is a protected island on the Bay of Bengal coast in the Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh. This satellite station is also a great place for a quick vacation. The Pulikat Lake, located nearby, is the second largest freshwater lake and holds a strong history in India’s development. Fishing is the main occupation, the flora and fauna of this area is of great interest. Located at a distance of 105 km from Chennai, many hotels are available on the highway for a relaxing stay.

#4 Venadu

An island village in the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh, Venadu is surrounded by the Pulicat Lake. Soothe your body and soul on this unspoiled island covered in greenery and surrounded by blue waters. This region is rich in local traditions and culture, making it one of the must visit islands in Andhra Pradesh. The Venadu Mosque is one of the highlights.

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#5 Irukkam Island

Another island in Pulicat Lake is Irukkam Island. This beautiful holiday destination in Andhra Pradesh is also worth visiting for a relaxing stay. One can visit both Venadu and Sriharikota islands along with Irukkam islands in one trip. The island shares a border with Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, a popular island holiday destination. Book your stay at various hotels here for a relaxing vacation.

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