Focusing on the net: Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, left, and his France counterpart Hugo Lars.  (AFP Photo)

Focusing on the net: Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, left, and his France counterpart Hugo Lars. (AFP Photo)

In scientific astrology, apart from the research of past events, logic and current planetary positions play a major role while predicting the events that will unfold in a match between two contestants.

In the final of the World Cup, we have to look at the strength of horizons of the captains with the coaches, and most importantly, the goalkeepers to reach the final result.

Speaking of France, the reigning champions have had an impressive run under 1986-born goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and 1968-born coach Didier Deschamps, who have won almost all the major trophies in their lifetime.

Argentina is led by a legend himself in 1987-born forward Lionel Messi and a coach who is another Lionel. Scaloni was born in 1978. They have a safe pair of hands in goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, who was born in 1992.

To know whether a person or a team can win the title, astrologers look at the seventh, tenth and 12th houses of their horoscope, especially when the event is taking place away from their homeland.

France, under the same captain, who is also a goalkeeper and coach, has already achieved and increased its karmic quota. No team has retained the trophy since Brazil in 1962. Apart from Italy’s Vittorio Pozzo, no coach has won two consecutive World Cups since 1938.

If Lloris and Deschamps can pull it off, they can be seen as super-humans. Hence, France has no chance of winning this World Cup and any major tournament thereafter.

So it is Messi and Scaloni along with goalkeeper Martinez, who are going to make history and the little genius is going to be the GOAT in world football, if not already.

It seems that God had his own plan to bring France against Argentina in the final. If it was Morocco, I doubt whether Messi would have lifted the trophy. Deschamps has already achieved a lot as a coach, player and captain. Asking him to win the World Cup again would be taking things too far.

Planets Shiva and Vishnu, which are transiting right, are in very strong positions in the chart of Argentine goalkeeper Martinez. Messi planet Kabira, the god of wealth, and Saturn is in his favour. Scaloni planet lords Brahma and Shiva in prominent positions.

Astrologically it is Argentina’s time and they have more chances to lift the trophy. The French will come hard on Argentina and won’t give an inch.

But unlike in 2014 when La Albiceleste were runners-up, this time Argentina’s team, including the captain, coach and goalkeeper, will have learned their lesson and seized the crucial moments in the competition for a historic World Cup victory. done

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