The Council of Tarentum has approved the last budget of the district for the year 2023, which holds the property tax at 5.48 milles.

The owner of a property assessed at $100,000 will pay $548 to the district again.

The Council also agreed to keep the income tax rate at 0.5%, dropping a proposal to raise it to 1%.

Borough Administrator Dwight Boddorf said the move has been delayed pending next year’s recommendations from an independent financial consultant.

“We’re going to transfer money from their capital savings account to make up,” Boddorf said.

Boddorf initially proposed raising the income tax to help with the $1.2 million deficit.

There are many important projects to consider in the coming year, including the purchase of a million gallon tank at the water treatment plant and the construction of the first national highway, he said.

This will increase the income of the electricity company in the circle.

Tarentum is one of the 35 municipalities in the state that operates its own electricity distribution system. The district buys electricity in the wholesale market and delivers it at retail prices to its 2,500 customers.

There will be no rate increase for customers of the electric circle.

Boddorf said the district is one of the most affordable electric providers in Western Pennsylvania.

The district’s $17 million budget includes $3.8 million in general funds, $1.8 million in water, $4.2 million in electricity and $6.2 million in utilities. fund. There is another $628,000 in the canal budget.

Next year’s spending is $1.4 million for the police, $104,000 for the fire service and $692,000 for public works.

Budget details are available at

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