Vishakapatnam: Environmentalist Sohan Hatangadi said a new way to keep the beautiful Araku ghat streets and other places free of garbage, especially plastic bottles and bags, is harmful. for the environment and wildlife.

“In 2015, while visiting Srisailam ghats, I saw a local boy walking along the ghat road and picking up garbage.

The boy was given five kilometers of ghat road, that is
it goes and gets cleaned every day,” said Sohan Hatangadi.

The same system is practiced at Sabarimala ghats, where the villagers help the forest officials to keep the roads clean. They are a group of 25 “eco-guards” from the indigenous tribe of Malampandaram.

Pathanamthitta district collector releases ₹25 lakh to pay fine
to family members to help keep the forest clean. The fee is set at ₹600
of the day.

“Similar measures can be taken by the authorities to maintain the cleanliness of the ghats of Araku and beyond.

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