Grange P-12 College has officially opened its $9.5 million Sports Science Academy for student use.

Education Secretary Natalie Hutchins and Tarneit MP Sarah Connolly joined students and staff on Monday, July 18 to cut the ribbon.

The university’s principal David Smillie said the school has used the funding to refurbish the gym, develop the weight room and conditions, the cardiovascular exercise testing lab, and science spaces. School and breakout room completely refurbished.

“We have a lot of students who really love sports and really want to develop that further and create a program that really engages them,” Mr. Smillie said.

“[The Sports Science Academy] is a program that aims to enhance children’s athletic ability, providing them with great opportunities for success and more importantly, our curriculum is aligned with a health program, related to back to mental fitness, [and] they have nutrition programs through food technology that are directly related to a healthy diet.”

The program will give students a high level of training and the opportunity to participate in sports they would not normally participate in, said Assistant Principal, Academy of Sports Science, Kendall Clarke.

“The opportunity to participate in elite sports competitions is truly amazing,” Ms. Clarke said.

“We have state championships everywhere in different sports arenas, football, netball, volleyball, so the kids are getting a lot of exposure to the sport that was previously unheard of. i never had.

“There’s so much talent, it’s brilliant, the kids absolutely love the knowledge and expertise they get from this program.”

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