On Tuesday, 20 December 2022, the Visakhapatnam Cybercrime Police solved a fraud case where a fake SBI officer looted Rs 9.74 lakhs. According to officials, the cyber crook lured the victim in the name of e-KYC process and hacked his bank account.

The incident came to light when the victim, a resident of Seethammadaara, approached the Visakhapatnam Cybercrime Police. According to the complainant, the fraudster sent him an SMS carrying the e-KYC registration link. By clicking on the link, the accused filled the application form with his bank account details and PAN card number as per the instructions in the letter.

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Moments after filling the form, the victim received a call from the cybercrook posing as an SBI official. The victim told the police that the accused had sent her a new message with an OTP. Believing that the caller was a real SBI employee, the victim gave him the OTP. Later, he received notices that a total of Rs 9.74 lakh was debited from his two SBI accounts.

Realizing that he had been robbed, the accused complained to the cyber police, who immediately went into action. Police contacted bank officials, searched the suspect’s bank account, and seized it. Authorities later transferred the stolen money to the victim’s bank account.

A further investigation is underway to arrest the accused in this case.

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