Chennai: PM Palem police arrested a man 18 months after he killed a woman with whom he had a physical relationship in Vishakapatnam on Tuesday.

After the murder, the 28-year-old put the woman’s body in a ziplock bag, threw it in an airtight container, locked up her home and escaped with the keys. Trouble came to light when the homeowner opened his house for cleaning and found the body.

After this, the house owner gave a complaint to the PM Palem police station who acted quickly in 48 hours and arrested the accused. The accused has been identified as Rishi.

Senior IPS officer Ch Srikanth, CP said, “The accused Rishi was arrested for killing a woman against whom he had a legal case by dismembering her and putting the body in a zip bag and kept in a box in his rented house.The body of the deceased was found after 1.5 years of this incident by the owner of the house.

“The accused was on the run. The deceased, identified as Dhana Lakshmi, was killed because she demanded Rs 2,000 from the accused. We have tried to find out. to him based on the phone data. The body of the deceased will be sent for DNA test,” he said.

On May 29, 2021 Rishi first met the 25-year-old woman at Srikakulam RTC bus station and the duo took the same auto rickshaw from Srikakulam to Nathavalasa club. The duo quickly became friends, shared a phone number and decided to meet the next day.

On May 30, the victim visited Rishi’s house in PM Palem when his wife left and the duo had a physical relationship. However, after the incident, the woman allegedly demanded money from him. Rishi immediately says that he cannot pay the money but the woman threatens to tell the villagers about it. Fearing this, Rishi covers her with his shirt, wraps her in a blanket and puts her in a plastic box. He locked his home and left with the keys. He never returned to the area after the operation for fear of arrest. He moved with his family to Visakhapatnam.

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