Astrology teaches us that we all have a purpose and life lessons that must be learned throughout our lives to reach our full potential.

When it comes to finding your life purpose, there are many factors to consider, such as house location, signs, elements, and North and South Nodes.

While it may seem difficult to piece together all of these places, an easy way to determine your direction, life purpose, and the life lessons you came here to learn is to know all of the above. There is no need. Ability to read charts.

Instead, you can look at your chart and divide it into four quadrants. The goal is to determine which quarter of your chart is the highest planet, which in turn points to the primary focus of your life.

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What are the four quadrants in astrology?

There are 12 houses in astrology, each of which represents a different aspect of our life. While each house has a distinct meaning, when divided into classes, each separate house deals with a broader theme.

The first quarter includes 1-3 houses. The second quarter includes houses 4-6, and the third quarter includes houses 7-9. The fourth quarter consists of houses 10-12.

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