The company successfully carried out scheduled controlled explosions of two facilities today – Battery Chimney#6 and Coal Tower

Jamshedpur, 18 Dec: Tata Steel today successfully carried out the demolition of two of its aging Coal Plant facilities – Battery Chimney#6 and Coal Tower – at Jamshedpur Works under controlled conditions, reinforcing the Company’s engineering prowess.

Taking a big step towards a better tomorrow, Tata Steel replaced its existing Coke Oven Batteries 5, 6 and 7 (1MnTPA combined capacity) with new Coke Oven Batteries 6A and 6B (1MnTPA combined capacity) in Jamshedpur, with the latest technology and energy efficiency higher.

Today’s explosion marked the completion of the demolition process of the dilapidated high-rise facility at the Coke Factory at Jamshedpur Works, which had many first awards. In a world first engineering process, Tata Steel carried out this explosive activity at an operating steel plant, involving a gigantic structure, India’s tallest.

The first explosion of the Model Workshop with a height of 12 meters was carried out on September 4, 2022, to establish safe operating procedures in operating factories and on November 27, 2022, the Company succeeded in carrying out the demolition of an obsolete building with a height of 110 meters. -Tall Chimney (Battery #5 Chimney) at Coke Plant. Today, a 110 meter high concrete chimney (Battery Chimney #6) along with a 48 meter high Coal Tower were dismantled as planned in a safe and environmentally sound manner. The blasts were carried out with the help of contract partners, Edifice Engineering India, and supported by Jet Demolition South Africa.

The controlled explosion of the 110 meter high chimney is accomplished using a mechanical hinge, allowing the structure to fall in one direction with zero degree deviation. ‘Water curtains’ are used to control dust and ‘moats with dykes’ are used to absorb vibrations. In addition, the use of ‘Steel wires mesh’ prevents debris from being scattered. The concrete debris resulting from the blast will be recycled and used in Plain Cement Concrete (PCC), wall and road construction. Drones were deployed to increase visibility and help identify hazards by reaching inaccessible areas and to survey surrounding areas during explosions. Tata Steel continues to implement industry-leading solutions and champion the sustainability discourse.

Sanjiv Paul, Vice President (Safety, Health & Sustainability), Tata Steel, said: “We have completed an important step towards a safe and controlled explosion of an obsolete Coke Plant facility. It is a testament to our commitment to operational efficiency, safety, resource optimization and a strategy for sustainable growth.”

Avneesh Gupta, Vice President (TQM and Engineering & Projects), Tata Steel, said: “Tata Steel strives to be a technology and innovation leader in the steel industry, leveraging internal capabilities and building external ecosystems. And, the successful execution of this complex explosion demonstrates our superior engineering capabilities.”

Tata Steel’s flagship plant in Jamshedpur, India’s first ResponsibleSteel certified site, was one of the first steel mills in Asia and the only facility in India to produce steel at the same location continuously for over 100 years. The factory, recognized as a Global Beacon by the World Economic Forum for adopting Industry 4.0 technology, is a national benchmark in sustainability. Tata Steel’s continuous growth is driven by operational excellence and a culture of continuous improvement.

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