Mumbai, December 17: Faith-tech startup DivineTalk, a foray into the technology-based astrology market, recently announced the onboarding of renowned astrologer Tripathi Tewari to its prestigious list of top occult teachers and mentors. The move is expected to accelerate business growth and brand recognition for the emerging holistic wellness app that emphasizes a wide range of services related to astrology, meditation, and Ayurveda.

Paras Ajay Shah and Karan Panwani, founders of Divinetalk, welcomed the astrologer. Both said, “Tripti Tiwari needs no introduction.” It is an honor for us to have him on board. He has a long and illustrious history in astrology and is known for his accurate predictions and very effective cures. She is considered a gem in the treasure trove of this unified platform, her areas of specialization include Tarot Reading, Psychic, Rune Reading, Candle Healing, Manifestation, and Vedic Numerology.

Serving the needy people of the world and spreading the knowledge of Indian Astrology, the eminent astrologer has been continuing his excellent work in this field for a long time. With a vast client base across the country and the world that includes celebrities, business magnates and people from all walks of life, Tripty uses his expertise to help people overcome difficult situations and common problems in everyday life. It is used to help. A woman with a feminine but wise approach is also a healer. His remedies are very accurate and effective.

DivineTalk is a trusted name for finding magical solutions that encompass all three scientific concepts – astrology, meditation, and Ayurveda. It offers a unique set of products and state-of-the-art astro solution services by renowned and certified experts, who provide global on-demand consultations, proprietary planetary meditation remedies according to ancient Vedas, and astro-cosmetics consultations. . Health way.

For the first time in the history of Iman Technology Apps, this unified and highly secure platform (both financial and communication wise) has been launched in the market. Packed with features like multilingual engagement, better user experience, and 24/7 support, it offers access to guided meditation, daily meditation and quick meditation, free Kundli, matchmaking, and daily horoscopes. DivineTalk allows you to get in touch with the best Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Numerologists and Health Consultants in India, to deliver the best quality and ethical Astro-Solutions to those who are struggling to find peace in mind, body and soul. to do In addition, Ayurvedic medicine is designed to provide lifestyle and spiritual practices (including nine planetary treatments and offerings to cows, fish, and dogs, online pooja, and ali-estro products) to improve the doshic category. which is intended.

The emerging business is expanding its knowledge base and team every day. With 750+ Astrologers, 200+ Healers, and 100+ Ayurveda Consultants, the app is expected to perform brilliantly.
If you are interested in what fate has in store for you and your loved ones or know why you are going through difficult times, then you should download the Divinetalk app.

Currently, users can download the app from Playstore for all Android versions. (IOS version will be available soon).

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