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Jamshedpur, 17 Dec: Following the successful completion of the Model Workshop and Batteries #5 deprecation on September 4 and November 27, Tata Steel will perform a scheduled controlled explosion of the worn Battery #6 and Batteries #5 and #6 general Coal Towers at the Coke Plant tomorrow (18 December). afternoon, said the company communiqué.

“This controlled explosion will be carried out with state-of-the-art technology to minimize environmental impact and ensure no damage to personnel, plant and equipment by our contract partner, Edifice Engineering, India, supported by Jet Demolition South Africa, both of whom have the necessary requirements. global expertise and experience to carry out such explosions under controlled and environmentally friendly conditions,” said a company spokesperson, adding further, “All necessary approvals and NOCs have been obtained from the relevant authorities. Emergency preparedness plans and evacuation procedures are in place. Security will be deployed at the relevant areas to close them to prevent unauthorized access of personnel for their safety, for two hours before and after the planned event.”

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