The 110-metre-tall 27-year-old chimney at Tata Steel Jamshedpur plant was demolished in 11 seconds by explosion method in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, said Vice President of Tata Steel Plant, Avneesh Gupta on Sunday.

“The Jamshedpur factory’s 27-year-old number 5 battery chimney 110 meters high was demolished using the implosion method, which made the demolition process safe for workers. It also saves time and is also environmentally friendly. The smoke tower was destroyed within 11 seconds,” said Avneesh Gupta.

The task of demolishing the coke factory’s closed stack stack was assigned to Edifice Engineering India South Africa backed by J Demolition Company. It is the same company that destroyed Noida’s twin towers on 28th August. The towers, Apex (32 floors) and Ceyane (29 floors), which are taller than the Qutub Minar in the nation’s capital, were 100 meters high and were brought down with explosives weighing at least 3,700 kg, in the largest tower demolition bid ever planned.

VP Tata Steel, Avneesh Gupta further said that the demolition took place successfully and well planned as it fell to zero degrees, did not cause any casualties and was carried out in an environmentally friendly manner as well.

“Prior to the fall of this chimney, a 75-year-old man, a 2 meter high coke factory workshop was dismantled for drills,” he added.

Speaking at the press conference, Vice President of Tata Steel Plant also said that the company plans to remove all the old factories and bring in new plants.

He said, of the three units closed, two 110 m chimneys were planned to be demolished, one of which had been demolished on Sunday costing around Rs 2 crores. This demolition of the chimney was followed by the use of a ‘water curtain’ to control dust and a ‘Ditch with dike’ also used to absorb vibrations. The use of ‘Steel wraps’ further prevents debris from flying around, said Tata Steel in a series of tweets.

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