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TATA Steel has invested in a drone strategy to transform their complex operations and has voted
COPTRZ to provide innovative unmanned aerial system (UAS) solutions for TATA key inspections

This UAS solution is used in open air environments for internal and external inspections
limited room. For confined spaces, the specialist shock-tolerant Elios 3 system is deployed to guard it
humans are safe while robotic technology does the inspection work. The Elios 3 system is specifically designed for complex indoor industrial applications where there is no GPS signal. The Elios 3 UAS combines electro-optical, thermal and Lidar sensors to navigate confined spaces without the need for humans to enter often hazardous environments. COPTRZ provides a complete solution including hardware, software and training (CAA mandate & product specific).

Applications that benefit from UAS include pile inspection, roof integrity inspection, internal
inspection of the integrity of the framework, including large raw material storage silos/bunkers, Gantry crane girders

Area Engineering Manager Matthew Saker – Asset Integrity Department at Tata Steel commented, “Here at Tata Steel, we are really reaping the benefits of introducing the use of drones into our inspection system. This allows us to inspect places in our factory that we have never done before, which gives us a much deeper understanding of the condition & health of our aging assets. COPTRZ has been outstanding in their training delivery, hardware and support, so much so that we have enlisted a second batch of prospective pilots to take their GVC training course. Thank you for your support and guidance which helps us to implement drone technology into our business. There is of course a rapidly growing interest in drone technology across our wider business.”

COPTRZ is a UK-based provider of drone solutions for organizations looking to adopt drone technology and the benefits it brings in terms of productivity, safety and cost savings. These range in, airframe, payload, software, peripherals and training.

More information can be found by visiting www.coptrz.com

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