A 7-year-old boy was saved from the prospect of having his left limb amputated, through limb reconstruction at the KIMS ICON Hospital, here.

Naveen of Srikakulam district met with a road accident as a result of which his left limb was found to be fractured, his arteries damaged and his bones injured. His parents took him to some local doctors and they recommended surgery. Later, he was taken to KIMS ICON, and after seven surgeries, the boy is walking on his own after 18 months.

P. Siddharth, trauma specialist and limb reconstructive surgeon, said in a statement that the treatment was initiated after consultation with the department of orthopedic surgery, and Dr. PRK Prasad, the alternative medicine doctor.

In the first step, the separation of the bone is done. The damaged bone tissue is completely removed and the entire area is cleaned. In the second stage, some muscles and tendons are removed from the right leg and left in the left leg.

After limb regeneration (LRS), the bone grows due to blood flow from the adjacent small parts. The muscles and bones transplanted from the other leg have developed well. Prints and prints are included in the page for this work. The amount of new bone growth is 4 percent. After the bone has grown, the clamps and clamps are removed.

For almost a year and a half, the child was bedridden.

“The boy is walking on his own, without support, and goes to school,” said Dr. Siddharth.

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