Visakhapatnam: Andhra Pradesh has made significant progress in terms of HIV treatment in the last decade. The state can reduce its new cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) every year by about 68% since 2010, while the goal is 80% by 2025 according to the UNAIDS Goal 95-95-95. Similarly, close to 93% of HIV patients are on antiretroviral therapy and recorded as the 95% indicated for 2025.
About 89% of all HIV positive mothers are on antiretroviral therapy, although the goal is to reach the 95% milestone. Nine one-stop centers offering HIV and other health services to transgender people and women the woman workers in Andhra Pradesh. About 2,000 transgenders are registered in these centers. According to estimates, there are around 3.2 lakh people living with HIV in Andhra Pradesh.
About 82% of people living with HIV know their status and are on antiretroviral therapy, against the 95% target for 2025. To achieve this goal, The health department creates various strategies such as index testing, online modeling, and virtual. intervention.
Speaking to ToI, special secretary, department of health and family welfare, and project manager, Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society, GS Naveen Kumar, said , the close relations of an HIV patient such as wife, female partners and living children. which is subject to HIV testing under the model. “This will help in early detection of cases. About 400 out of 600 cases identified so far have been checked through the index test alone. The online model is used with in collaboration with dozens of NGOs, work to identify important people through the cooperation of the field. Those who are identified as important cases will be told to test. The health department is implementing in a virtual environment to identify people with high-risk behaviors online. They will be trained and explain the problem to put them to the test,” said Naveen Kumar.

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