Most of us know what our astrological sign is. However, did you know that your full chart shows that you are actually a combination of signs arranged by different planets and orbital transits? “An astrological birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment you were born,” explains Valerie Tejeda, author and astrologer at Sanctuary Astrology. “Most of us are familiar with our sun sign. It’s the sign that shows up on Google for our birthday and it’s what people refer to when they ask, ‘What’s your sign?’ But, the birth chart will not only determine the day of your birth, but the time and place as well. method Broader than just looking at your sun sign.

While you can find your full chart on some apps and websites, working with an astrologer can give you more insight into what your transits mean. And, they can work with you to compare your and your partner’s charts to help you work together. “Honestly, seeing the love and harmony in reading are some of my favorite readings,” says Tejeda. “It’s always exciting to see what’s to be discovered and really such a great thing to do before walking down the street!”

“It can make you feel really good about your relationship, too,” says Kirah Tabourn, founder of Astrology. “I think astrology in general can be very validating, and that’s why a lot of people get into it in the first place. So someone can confirm their relationship from a celibate perspective for a couple. It can be a really beautiful experience.” Tabourn recommends looking for astrologers who specifically advertise integrative or compatibility readings to make sure you find someone who specializes in the practice.

Want to know what the stars have in store for you and your spouse? Here are some reasons why you should get an astrology chart reading together before you say “I do.”

Understand yourself and your partner

Getting a birth chart reading is a valuable way to gain insight into your personality and zodiac needs. “A birth chart is basically the energy you’re working with in life, and looking at your birth chart—and the astrological signs associated with it—is a great tool for learning more about yourself.” and what makes you tick,” says Tejeda. .

Not only is it a great way to understand yourself and how you navigate the world, but it can also be helpful for your partner as well. “Looking at the two charts for love and compatibility can be really beneficial for understanding your partner on a deeper level,” she says. “Let’s say someone’s Moon sign is in the ninth house. This would point to someone who really needs a relationship where their partner shares a desire for higher learning, spirituality and self-improvement because these are the things that really help feed their soul. It will also be a great piece of information about your long-term partner.”

Understand how you work together

A joint reading from an astrologer can be a beneficial tool for couples to understand how they work and communicate with each other. “Let’s say you look at two charts and it shows that a person’s Sun, Mercury and Venus signs are in the third house,” Tejeda explains. “It refers to someone who not only needs clear communication in a relationship, but needs to feel spoken to and heard in their partner. This will be a huge piece of information about your partner, so you can use your Communication can be done in a way that works best for both of you.”

Tabourn notes that getting an astrological reading can be like another form of counseling before hooking up. “There’s a level of acceptance that needs to happen with couples and it can be helpful to hear that this is the way you communicate, and this is the way they communicate,” says Tabourn. “It can definitely cause some problems as any type of couples counseling can cause problems.” Overall, he finds that it is an overall affirming experience if partners are open to what is being said.

Tejeda adds, “This apparently just scratches the surface of things to discover in a natal chart, which is why reading a natal chart before marriage is such a fun and insightful way to get to know each other a little better.” Maybe!

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