In Astrologically Speaking, astrologers make their case for the zodiac signs of your favorite characters, based on specific scenes, contexts and even fashion choices. Here, Nina Kahn, author of Astrology for Life And Rotate the starsExplains why from Rose Titanic Total is Aquarius. spoilers for Titanic follow up

19 December 25 years after release TitanicThe 1997 James Cameron epic follows the whirlwind romance between young lovers Rose and Jack after they meet on the doomed maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. at the heart of Titanic Survivor is the story of Rose Dawson (played by Kate Winslet in her youth) and her life-changing experience aboard the Titanic. the whole Titanic, we get to know Rose’s revolutionary and freedom-seeking spirit – and her lifelong desire to break free from society’s oppressive expectations drives the film’s plot. As an astrologer revisiting the role a quarter-century after the film’s release, it’s clear that Rose is a rebellious and forward-thinking Aquarius.

While we don’t have Rose’s legendary birth certificate handy, we do have some reference points to work with when it comes to confirming her zodiac sign. In scenes set in 1996, it is noted that Rose is about to turn 101 – which puts her birth year as 1895. And because we also know that she was already 17 years old when she boarded the Titanic on April 10, 1912. The date of birth was earlier, which narrowed things down to just four potential astrological signs. That said, the season of Aquarius is roughly from January 20 to February 18, so the theory is that Rose is born under the sign of the water bearer. Titanic Fiction, too.

Near, far, wherever you are, I have some compelling evidence to prove that Rose is almost an Aquarius.

She is a rebel at heart

As she boards the Titanic, Rose is crushed under the ever-increasing expectations placed on her by her traditional mother, her snobbish fiancé Kal, and by upper-class society at large—which is why she describes feeling As the ship is “going. [her] Back to America in chains. She tries to end her life soon after boarding the ship, because she cannot bear to live if she is not free to make her own decisions or be true to herself. 100-year-old Gulab explained, “I had already lived my whole life.” “An endless parade of parties and coots, yachts and polo matches, always the same narrow people, the same stupid talk.” Being rich and having a high status meant nothing to Rose – she would rather survive and conform to what she saw as a monotonous and oppressive lifestyle.

When we look at Rose’s behavior through the lens of the Aquarius archetype, things start to make even more sense. For a subversive and unconventional water bearer, there is nothing worse than being put in a box and forced to follow someone else’s rules. This free-thinking air sign is ruled by the maverick planet Uranus, with a deep desire for its cosmic inhabitants to shun the status quo and march to the beat of their own drum. Rose resents her mother’s pressure to inherit and preserve the family’s social status, and refuses to submit to her fiancé’s attempts to control her. Even the love affair between her and Jack—a starving artist without a cent to his name—highlights her refusal to conform to society’s expectations. Like a true chain-breaker Aquarius, his rebellious streak runs deep.

At the end of the film, Rose truly cements her place in the Aquarius Rebellion Hall of Fame when she throws the priceless “Heart of the Ocean” diamond into the ocean. Said to be more valuable than any other gem in the world, Gulab has secretly held onto this secret treasure for 84 years – and ultimately, she proves that her values ​​don’t define society’s values. Instead of using the diamond for praise and wealth, Rose broke it and then casually disposed of it, dashing everyone’s hopes.

She is ahead of her time

Aquarians are known for being forward thinking and progressive. True to form, Rose is light years ahead of the times she lives in, and she longs to break free from the oppressive stereotypes placed on her as a woman. For example, she cheerfully asks Jack to teach her to “ride.” [horseback] like a man” and even “spit like a man.” When she’s partying below deck with Jack and the other lower-class passengers of the ship, she surprises them all by quickly downing a full glass of beer, which A decidedly unladylike act for a high-class woman of the day. “What, you think a first-class girl can’t drink?” Rose asks cheerfully. Far from just wanting to challenge the status quo. , Rose’s progressive thinking makes it painfully clear to her that she should not be bound by gender-based rules on how to live her life.

Even Rose’s taste in art reflects her high fantasy and avant-garde Aquarius sensibilities. At the beginning of the film, we see that she has bought the paintings of the not-yet-famous Pablo Picasso, which she describes as “interesting” and “like a dream.” [having] Truth without logic. Moreover, his powerful fiancée fails to see their value and confidently claims that Picasso “will never amount to anything.” Of course, Rose knows better — Aquarians have a knack for spotting up-and-coming trends and staying at the forefront of the latest ideas and movements. It is easy for them to make choices that spark collective attention and interest before it hits the mainstream.

She has a detached Aquarian Intellect

As air signs, Aquariuses are more cerebral and imaginative in their thinking than most other members of the zodiac. Water bearers in particular are seen as cold and indifferent, with a tendency to focus more on big-picture issues than emotions. Rose certainly exudes this detached Aquarius vibe, as she does not show emotional attachment to her fiancé, nor to her mother. After surviving the sinking of the Titanic, she never speaks to Cal again and appears to have cut off contact with her mother as well.

While she may be somewhat unsentimental about certain relationships, Rose does a lot of work that impacts the community. Rose expressed concern to the Titanic’s shipbuilder, long before the fatal iceberg, saying, “I did the math in my head, and the capacity you mentioned compared to the number of lifeboats . . . seems to be there.” There is not enough for everyone. “You didn’t miss anything, did you?” He answers. A sharp and quick-witted Aquarius like Rose rarely does – especially when it’s something that involves a humanitarian issue. Aquarius is the sign that rules collectivity, and its energy is associated with groups, cooperation and teamwork. Despite Rose’s privilege, she consistently shows an interest in the well-being of passengers throughout the ship and sees things from a future-oriented perspective.

Rose clearly falls head over heels in love with Jack and carries the tender memories of their brief time together for the rest of her life. However, she never seems to be swallowed up by her emotions surrounding this relationship, which also explains her detached Aquarius nature. “I’ve never talked about him until now, not with anyone, not even your grandmother,” she says of Jack, 84 years after his death. The fact that she has never spoken to anyone about this exciting and passionate affair highlights her cool, calm and collected Aquarius energy. It’s not easy to clean those air stains off your feet – and even if you do, they’re not likely to worry about it.

TL; Dr

Rose puffs on tobacco pipes, quoting Sigmund Freud insults, and he Literally At Picasso before it was cool. And don’t forget how she symbolically sticks it to the guy by spitting in Cal’s face and giving him the middle finger. does she to become Any more cool, rebellious and intellectual Aquarius?! Rose’s progressive and free-thinking spirit is very Aquarian, and she’s got the smarts and integrity to prove it. Even after 25 years TitanicThe release of, it is clear that the rose garden moves on the heart.

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