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Mohali, December 20

The 31-hour-long interrogation of Punjabi singer Kanwar Grewal by a team of the Income Tax department at his home in Mohali ended around 5 pm on Tuesday. Several documents were seized by the authorities but no information has been shared with the media.

A team of the Income Tax Department, along with CRPF personnel, conducted joint searches at the homes and offices of Punjabi singers Kanwar Grewal and Ranjit Bawa on Monday.

According to sources, the tax officials from Ludhiana led the operation to check the tax evasion by the singers due to many complaints. It was mainly done to calculate the real money that the singers got from the wealth they declared.

Grewal’s song ‘Rihai’ has been banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The song was about the release of Sikh prisoners who had been in jail for years. The operation was carried out by IT officials at his home in Taj Towers, Mohali, and another in Bathinda.

The singers’ families were not allowed to go out. No visitors were allowed either. Officials said a press release, if any, would be issued at a later date if they found any financial activity that would incriminate the operation.

The cyber activity comes on the back of intense questioning of several Punjabi singers by NIA officials about the ‘leadership’ of gangsters in the Punjabi music industry.

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