VISAKHAPATNAM: The Union government is planning a ₹3,500 crore production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme in the gaming sector to promote the production of domestic toys and is expected to reduce China’s influence in this regard. . The global gaming market today is dominated by technology and electronics with more performance vis-à-vis aesthetics.
Andhra University IPR Chair professor H Purushotham said that the gaming industry in India is about to get a huge boost with the proposed PLI plan. “This will be an opportunity to explore the concept of design, development and delivery of toys in India. Design thinking is the most important and important thing for the toy industry. Design thinking combined with business design registrations can be a golden opportunity for startups and other businesses. These companies can enter this segment by incorporating aesthetics and designs. interesting. Technical designs are a type of intellectual property rights, which protect the shape and arrangement of any article, two or three-dimensional, made through a commercial process,” says and Dr. Purushotham.
Head of the law and IPR wing, Resolute Group of Companies, and registered IP practitioner, Subhajit SahaIndia has said it has submitted very few strategic proposals.
“At that time, the majority came from the hardware and automotive industries. With the proposed PLI opportunity, the gaming industry could create a niche by gaining first-mover advantage. Let’s start they will think and make original plans and file IPR rights.This will further increase the number of files for registration and can put India on the world map as one of the top countries for business plans. These activities will not only help in creating world-class plans for the players, but also help in building a strong market where the plans in the game industry will be developed. coming days,” said Saha.
The PLI program can be extended to the automobile, footwear, and other industries where design thinking becomes critical. Design thinking is a part of research and development for organizations. But strategic thinking with timely registration is the key for sales and quick distribution of products,” said Dr Purushotham.

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