When it comes to synastry, or comparing birth charts for compatibility, the focus is often on romantic relationships.

However, you can also compare the birth charts of parents and their children, which offers important insight into the traits and characteristics they may inherit.

It is particularly concerned with how the astrological aspects of the parents’ planets interact with a child’s ascendant or rising sign.

The placement of specific planets in the astrological houses of a child’s birth chart can provide insight into the relationship between parent and child as well as valuable lessons on how to nurture them effectively.

For example, with the Saturn Ascendant square the child’s fourth house, an area that represents home and family, the child may feel pressured to obey the parents’ strict rules or adopt crowd-pleasing behavior. in the end. to face.

Usually, it’s only the romantic relationships in your life that are considered lucky and divine, however, the relationship between parent and child is just that.

Parent-child compatibility proves that ultimately your child’s soul has chosen you as its parent and that your two life goals are intertwined.

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