Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday urged the Income Tax Department to assess tax returns and refunds faster and redress the grievances of assessors while imposing new rules. he controls the tax department.

The minister admitted that with the use of technology, tax returns are currently being evaluated and refunds are issued quickly but further improvements in this will bring more favor to the department. The minister also told the officials to settle the pending complaints.

“We’re going to go basic in some ways. I think there are three ‘Rs’ that will govern us…”, the minister said during the event organized to present the award to the finance minister in recognition of the contribution of the officers.

The first R, he says, is about evaluating and processing timely returns quickly, efficiently and legally. “Don’t waste time on it because the auditor feels, ‘I’m waiting for this, why don’t you hurry up the return?’ The second R is speed recovery. You are doing well, much better than before. Even more attention will be paid to the quick disposal of returns. There should be no excuse for withholding refunds,” said the minister.

Even a more efficient way of processing refunds will have more goodwill for the department, Sitharaman said.

“Finally, the third R is grievance redressal.” Even now, there are some cases that wait forever. There may be complications. Ifs and buts can be a lot of cases. You are the final authority. Why don’t you want to fix them on time or be informed that it will take a lot of time or if it is not in your power or it is not possible to untie all these knots and get relief,” said the minister. Sitharaman advised but if it is possible to correct the complaint, the person in charge should do it and if there is more participation from others or need to go to court, it should be done, he said.

The minister also stated that the current direct tax revenue has been in line with the indirect tax, which indicates the equality of tax revenue.

Sitharaman says direct collection saves time. There was a time in 2020 and the beginning of 2021, when observers noted that indirect taxes brought in more than direct taxes, and the question of equality arose, the minister said. It was only in a few months and now, direct taxes can be equal or better than indirect taxes, said the minister.

Earlier in the day, Sitharaman reviewed the measures taken by public sector banks to provide credit to people belonging to the Scheduled Caste community and their concern in the matter of reservation. , vacancies, welfare operations and grievance redressal mechanism.

During the meeting, Sitharaman urged the banks to fill the remaining number of vacancies within a limited time. Banks have also been urged to improve the coverage of scheduled deliveries in all plans. The minister advised the head of the bank to look at their needs in the development of their skills, business development because about 18% of the total number of employees in banks and institutions government is scheduled.

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