Alone, freshman Carlos Duffield represented the Sonoma Valley High School cross country team at the Yoshanny Rahm Ukiah Invitational on Saturday, October 22, at Ukiah High School. He finished Saturday overall, out of 37 finishers, with a time of 21:09 for the 3.05-mile run in the junior boys’ race. Duffield won a medal by finishing in the top 10.

It was a warm, cool day at Duffield running the track around the school’s sports fields and through a loop on the hillside near the campus.

Team members Adam Tovar and Maryfer Estrada did not participate because they were in recovery. Coach John Litzenberg III said: “It was a really exciting race for Carlos, as he continued to move forward in positions throughout the race and was really strong in the hills, and commanded the ball. The chapter he won was his first cross-country run ever. “Carlos has been extremely dedicated to the team and his hard work is really reflected in the steady improvements in his racing ability.”

The team’s next meeting is VVAL Center Meet 3 on Thursday, October 27, at Spring Lake. Sonoma Valley will be the home team.

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