Omisade Burney-Scott is a proud Aries – and for as long as she can remember, she has used astrology as a tool to navigate her relationships with others and herself.

The regular host Black girls guide men to rescue, Burney-Scott guest-host Embodied’s exploration of astrology as a spiritual practice and springboard for personal growth. With her cousin and best friend Shane Hayden, who now works as a community and de-escalation specialist A place on the tableshe traces her love of astrology back to its origins and discusses how astrology continues to serve as a starting point for thinking about parenthood, friendship, and work.

She then talks to two people whose practice of astrology informs and is informed by their social justice efforts. Jessica Laniadohost and co-founder of the “Ghost of a Podcast.” Money voteshares how the study of astrology has evolved over the years and the methods that can be used today to promote activism and civic engagement. Zachary Powella black queer astrologer and former president Association for Young AstrologersExplains the pros and cons of astro memes, as well as the role of astrology in navigating our identity relationships.

Thanks to Emilia, Rebecca, Brianna, Mariah, Angel and Catherine for participating in this episode.

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Curtis Mayfield – “Reading Astrology”
In this ballad, Mayfield sings about being torn by a lack of compatibility with a sun sign. The lyrics also highlight the dangers of using astrology in a romantic partnership.

Outkast – “Aquemini”
The title track is a mashup of the hip-hop duo’s sun signs, Aquarius and Gemini. These air signs are generally considered compatible when it comes to creativity and intelligence.

Beyonce – “Mark”
In this track, Beyonce celebrates the strengths that each sign brings to a romantic partnership. He also referenced his sun sign in the recent Renaissance track “Virgo Groove.”

Quilla – “Sagittarius”
A Sagittarius himself, Quilla dedicates this song to the women in his life who share his sign. The lyrics explore the Sagittarian trait of thinking creatively while staying grounded in reality.

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