UTEP volleyball 4th consecutive loss

Successful miners (7-9, 0-3) put on an inspiring performance against the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) (10-7, 3-1) Roadrunners Sunday lost in four sets (25-20, 19-25, 23-25, 24-26). This is the Miners’ 14th straight loss to the Roadrunners as they haven’t beaten UTSA since 2010.

While the result was the same as last Sunday’s loss in four sets, the miners were much more competitive as they lost two of their sets by just two points. arrive Walker. The previous match Miners lost three sets in a row with eight points or more later won the first set in San Antonio.

Miners without promising freshmen Irbe Lazada and Alianza Darley, who has stood out for the team this season and is a potential member of the Conference USA freshman team. Both of these players have made regular appearances and featured in most of the games played this season. Lazada fourth in the team for trump cards with 15 and love 5th in the team for kills with 80.

“We were beaten for sure but that’s why you have a big squad. The players on the floor have to play for us,” said coach Ben Waller.

Darley unfortunately injured his inner ankle before the game start up, join Lazada on the bench, who has been sidelined for the past six games with a broken leg. Senior Brianna Arellano is recovering from a groin injury, which has hindered her performance in this match quite a bit.

The opening set was purely UTEP as Miners were never behind in the game with a 25-20 win.

The second set was a complete reversal as UTSA dominated from the start of the set and when they led 4-3, the Roadrunners never looked back with a 25-19 win.

Opening the third set, the Roadrunners were still as dominant as the previous set, starting with a 6-1 lead but the Miners fought back and tied at 18. Later in the set, the Miners and Roadrunners drew with 23, but UTSA scored the winning goal. the next two to win close.

UTEP, currently facing a one-set lead, is in a forced win in the fourth game. Twice in the final set, Miners led by three points, the last time 15-12. The two teams came back in the second half of the set with the Miners leading 24-23, but two consecutive attacking errors by junior Cheyenne Jones decided fate, causing UTEP to fall 26-24 in the final set to lose. the last three points.

“In the end we didn’t make it, and they did,” says Waller. “That’s the difference between winning and losing at this level against a good team.”

Waller felt that playing against two of the top teams at Conference USA showed that they were able to compete well with the rest of the conference and that the team was gaining confidence and trust in the players. Staff.

The one who leads UTEP in the number of homicides is a subordinate Anamarija Mikovic with 11 with seniors Serena Patterson is second with 10. Alex Torres leads the team in diggings with 14 and Patterson has 12 to score a double for the match. Junior Mallory Yost led the team with five blocks with Jones having four.

As for the Roadrunners, Hanna Lopez outdid them with 13 kills along with four digs, and Kara Teal was a defensive force as she had eight blocks against Miners.

UTSA has been consistently an elite team since they entered Conference USA with a 71-17 record and holds a 14-1 string advantage over Miners since 2010 when UTEP failed. game family to two.

Ben Waller is in his first year as UTEP principal coach, after as an assistant at I-10 Rival New Mexico St. since 2013.

“I feel confident that we will give ourselves a chance to draw into the conference tournament,” said Waller.

Miners played in front of about 1,100 UTEP fans against UTSA, which was the largest crowd at the Memorial Gymnasium since the 1,543 showing up on September 11, 2011 compared to Southern Methodist. the crowd is remarkable fascinated with the Miners’ efforts as they cheered for the home team.

“I’m really excited about the people in this stand who have started supporting us,” said Waller, saying it’s an exciting atmosphere here.

Miners have consecutive home games next week. UTEP vs UAB at 6 p.m. on October 11 and Louisiana Tech at noon on October 13 Both games will take place at the Memorial Gymnasium.

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