You may have noticed this astrology has been a the moment. You can’t log in to Twitter, InstagramOr without watching TikTok a Horoscope, a meme about your sign, or a joke about toxic Scorpio men. And in 2022, it’s not a wild fantasy to put your sun sign on your dating profile.

But astrology today is not exactly the astrology of our parents’ generation. It has gone from a New Age belief to a nostalgic way thousands of years to reveal their identity. And it goes deeper than just knowing their “big three” astrological signs (if you’re new to astrology, it’s your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs).

our “Pop Culture” The podcast team spoke to astrologers and podcasters Karah Taborn – and refinery 29 author Elizabeth Galino – To understand how Gen-Zers and millennials are applying astrology to their everyday lives. And because we are all so fascinated with the universe.

hang on. Is there more to astrology than my daily horoscope?

When it comes to astrology, you probably know about horoscopes and Your Zodiac sign. But it is more than that. Tabourn said, “Astrology is the study of the movements of the planets and celestial bodies through the zodiac belt, through the heavens, and the relationship between those movements and what happens here on Earth. Essentially, it goes down ‘as up, so down.’ down’.

And for some people, astrology is a complete system of beliefs that analyzes themselves, their decisions, and the world around them. [for] All levels: from the weather, to our politics, to our personal relationships, to what’s going on inside our bodies, spiritually, emotionally, etc.,” he explained.

How long has astrology been around?

our Obsession with astrology Not just one TikTok The trend has become human Look at the stars And tried to understand its meaning For thousands of years. In ancient China, Babylon, Sumeriarome, Egyptand Greece, man practiced his methods of astrology. And over a period of time The first thousand years, parts of these conflicting forms of astrology came together and formed the basis of astrology that is still practiced in the Western world today. Also known as Hellenistic astrology

“It is really important to realize that astrology has been very popular for many ages, and then has gone through a very severe decline, and has basically become obscure or even just secret at certain times, and then again. came back,” Tyburn said.

Before the 2020s, the most recent era The popularity of astrology was New Age Movement In the 1960s and 1970s. For a while after that, astrology was relegated to weekly horoscopes and cheap pick-up lines. But in the last decade, all that changed.

So why is astrology making a comeback?

There are many theories. One is to which we turn Astrology in times of chaos. Galino, who writes about astrology, points to the 2020 pandemic events as an example. “In times of uncertainty, people want things that reassure us, that we can look at and say, ‘I know this is true,'” he said.

Also, we’ll state the obvious: it’s fun Think about us. “We wanted something to recognize and tell other people who we are,” Galino said. “And that’s why the Myers-Briggs test is so popular. This is why people argue about whether they are Carrie or Samantha or Miranda or Charlotte.

There is also the aspect of religion (or, lack thereof). Traditional religion Recently losing its grip, with church attendance on the fall For some time in America – especially among millennials and Gen Xers. And for some, astrology offers something that religion does not. “A lot of people, especially Amazing communityfelt [excluded] From some religions,” Galino said. “Astrology is more involved. It’s not too much sexual. It doesn’t have a set of rules that rob anyone else. Anyone can practice astrology [and] Believe in astrology.

And it’s not just your tarot card reading friend who’s into astrology. A study by MTV (Yes, that MTV) has revealed that 65% of people between the ages of 14 and 29 regularly read their horoscope. And nearly a third of participants said they do Meeting Decisions Based on astrology.

OK, I’m sold. But do I need an astrology app?

Not necessary. But that’s another reason astrology may be having a moment: It’s much more accessible now than in the past.

“With the rise of the Internet and even memes and Instagram and now TikTok, it’s very popular and it’s around us a lot,” Galino said.

And it’s not just that memories about our sun signs are everywhere. It’s now easy to get a deeper understanding beyond the “big three of astrology” (think: your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs). Back in the day, you probably had to buy an astrology book to find out your moon sign or how to chart your horoscope. But now there’s an app for that. look up: fellow star, sort ofand Astro future, to name a few. They can tell you “where all the planets fall in your chart, what transits are in your chart,” he said. What more than one page in the back of a magazine can ever teach you.

Why are some people against astrology?

While astrology is generally big with millennials and Gen Z, not everyone is a believer. Especially the cis-male demographic, Galino said.

“When I say I write about astrology, they’re like, ‘That’s not real.’ Or, ‘It’s funny’ or ‘fake’ or, ‘Why do people like it so much?'” To which we say: Is Mercury retrograde right now?

But Gleno admits that while some may not take it seriously, many people do. And because of that, there are some lines she won’t cross when writing about it.

“We don’t like to be afraid,” he said. “There’s never, ‘This day is going to be the worst day ever.’ it is [about] How to deal with it and how to use this energy in a more positive way, which I think is very important. Because there are already so many disturbing things online and in the world. And you don’t want to add to that.”

For more on popularity in astrology — and to hear Tabern read our “Pop Cultured” host Bridget Armstrong’s birth chart — listen below.


Astrology, in one form or another, has been around for thousands of years. But the last decade has seen a rise in popularity thanks to factors like social media And Uncertain time. And if you want to get yourself outside of the three major astrological signs, there are plenty of apps to help you.

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