Charlie King is a UK-based astrologer who studies the alignment of stars and planets to predict the future. Looking at Meghan and Harry’s birth chart, Charlie revealed what she could see in store for the couple in 2023.

Charlie told “The obvious sensitivity that has shocked the world as Prince Harry has matured in life, his uncertain feelings about the nature of the media, is deeply wounded by the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. they come childhood

“But with the current transit of the obscure, uncertain planet Neptune in front of his Sun, he is being urged by someone else to lift the veil and speak for himself.

“There is no question who it is. The woman who fell in love with his intuitive, caring, charitable approach that is genuine in his nature and are now looking for their platform.

“Broadcast to the world, this couple’s story is just the beginning.”

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Looking at specific months during 2023, Charlie continued: “February, after Valentine’s Day, keep your ears and eyes peeled for some news involving the couple.”

“As broken relationships in the family continue to mend, history suggests otherwise.” Almost defiantly out of his emotions, Prince Harry supported his Leo wife, opening the floodgates – don’t expect them to close anytime soon.

Following the success of the documentary, Charlie claimed that the Sussexes would create more opportunities for income. He said: “Meghan’s birth chart suggests a book announcement around March 2023, with a proposed release date in 2024 – a very memorable moment.

“Once published, the book is set to change history for years.”

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Charlie continued: “A surprise move home or going home to the UK might fit the legal requirements for Harry.

“Happening around June 2023, we may see Princess Meghan return home alone due to restrictions and restrictions with her work commitments, or perhaps even a silent pregnancy.

“Early in July, after the New Moon at her Capricorn Ascendant, she can be considered more mature, or at least, heard from those who judge her with Philpott before her.”

The astrologer claims that 2023 will be a year of “general, individual revival”.

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He claimed: “The power struggle with other members of the Royal Family will continue until the end of the year, and the Prince’s chart also shows, on a physical level, a moment of weight gain – can he give himself a new comfort that he Settling in?

“Emerging from under the umbrella of misjudgment, every decision this couple makes will resurface after their doomed exile a few years ago. Hypocrisy? maybe

“But there is a time and a place for individual revolution and in the midst of a global pandemic this was not.

“Their maturity as a couple becomes blindingly clear as 2023 approaches.

“A pretty strong turnaround in their assets suggests it’s possible the couple will be building their own empire in 2023 and beyond.”

Charlie concludes that, in short, she foresees “continuing public speakers, a new signed contract or legal dispute, a solo trip to Britain for Harry, and revelations in book form that are not just about a nation.” Change the concept, but maybe the world”, for next year’s couple.

“An unexpected pregnancy or moving home, or even both,” he added.

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