Asteroids can have an exact influence on our chart like planets and light.

Ceres is one of those asteroids and is a powerhouse with many layers that indicate your relationship style. It is a place associated with Earth signs, especially Virgo. But there are also elements to the sign of Cancer as this place pushes us to explore how we nurture, protect and love those we care about.

Meaning of Ceres in Astrology

Although this placement shows how we absorb love in romantic partnerships, there are other fundamental relationships that this star can focus on.

In Greek mythology, Ceres is Demeter, the mother of Persephone, and we see the struggles and hardships she endured to save and bring back her daughter. This place may be similar to Venus but we also see some moons. Ceres shows how we can relate to our children and even our parents.

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Mustard in signs

Ceres in Aries

Ceres in Aries knows their worth and is more of a warrior than a tactician. The warrior spirit appears when they need to protect themselves.

When they are in a relationship, they want a partner who can make them feel powerful and will encourage them to be fearless.

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