Vishakapatnam: Blaming opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu and the vendors for the second protest by the Amaravati farmers, Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana said, “If I look at them, the padayatra will stop in within five minutes, but we are soft and respect the law”.

The minister spoke at a round table meeting in support of decentralization organized in Visakhapatnam on Sunday in front of MLAs, MPs and people from different walks of life.

He said that the chief minister Jagan Reddy, who proposed the idea of ​​three capitals and state decentralization, was not against the 29 villages. all for overall development.”

“Unlike Chandrababu Naidu who took unilateral decisions on capital selection, Jagan consulted key people and stakeholders before announcing the three-capital idea,” he said. .

He said that soon after coming to power, Jagan Reddy visited Amaravati with experts and realized that the state could be paid more than 1 lakh crore. This is 300 times more than the amount required to make a developed city like Visakhapatnam the administrative capital.

“If we had spent `10,000 crore, Vizag would have done better than Mumbai,” Botsa said.

He admitted that Amaravati farmers had given up their land for capital. But Chandrababu Naidu did not give them in writing that the land will be the capital of the state. “What will Amaravati farmers lose if three heads are formed?”

“We have lost and we are not ready to lose again. It is time that the people of North Andhra raise their voice and demand their rights,” the minister told the gathering.

The minister suggested that the elected representatives form a committee and advertise on the streets for the three-capital plan.

Industry Minister Gudivada Amarnath said “a padayatra with a political agenda is not good.” The villagers are watching the events and understand that Chandrababu is planning to destroy peace in north coastal Andhra by organizing this padayatra, he said.

Historian and former Andhra University professor K Suryanarayana said Visakhapatnam was 1,000 years old when traders from Sri Lanka and Indonesia visited and traded with local merchants. He shared a few examples of how green heads are not successful.

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