Nadendla-Manohar-JanaSena-BJPIt is clear that Janasena is not happy with BJP and Pawan Kalyan has made it clear. But things slowed down a bit after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met him in Vishakapatnam in November.

But things are looking sour between the two sides. The next day, Janasena announced 32 complaints for different constituencies in Telangana.

BJP has made it clear to Janasena that it does not want to challenge the party in Telangana and only wants his support to defeat KCR.

Janasena was barred from contesting in the GHMC elections. Announcing the appeal, Janasena was no longer interested in the alliance.

BJP believes that it is close to coming to power in Telangana and it cannot take any chance of anti-government vote splitting. Janasena’s small voting bank can decide the related contests.

Further, Janasena PAC chief Nadendla Manohar who is traveling to Uttarandhra on Sunday announced, “Janasena will take responsibility to ensure that anti-government votes are not split. We will soon announce that about treaties.

This clearly shows that there is something against the BJP.

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