Jamshedpur DC inspects city roads, orders the elimination of encroachment

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, 9 Dec: Deputy East Singhbhum Commissioner Vijaya Jadhav noted the encroachment across the city on Friday when he visited various places with a team of district administration officials. He visited Chuna Shah Baba’s Mazar, Jail Chowk, Baradwari and Bhalubasa Over Bridge areas among other places to carry out physical examinations at various places. He inspected the Sakchi-Bhalubasa road and directed the relevant officials to keep the city roads free from encroachment. He said Sakchi-Bhalubasa road will be widened soon. He said the cooperation of the traders was expected to maintain the road free of disturbances for road users.

DC’s visit to Chuna Shah Baba’s Mazar in Bistupur lasted about two hours. It was found that several places were encroached on the Mazar site. Several shops were also found built on the encroached land. Domestic cylinder found used in some shops. DC said fire safety norms were grossly violated in small shops and businesses. He said bringing fire tenders to the area in the event of a fire accident would be a huge challenge.

DC said the government would follow up the Tata Steel UISL market redevelopment plan with the urban development department. The focus is on ensuring shops have uniform dimensions and providing better civic amenities, he said.

In the first stage, redevelopment of markets will be carried out in Sakchi, Baridih, Bistupur and Golmuri, he was told by a representative for Tata Steel.

In light of the DC inspection efforts, the district administration today removed encroachment from Kumhar Para Chowk and Baridih Chowk.

DC was accompanied by Law and Order ADM Nand Kishore Lal, SDO Dhalbhum Piyush Sinha, JNAC executive officer Sanjay Kumar, Jamshedpur Circle Officer Amit Srivastava, Tata Baja Market and Lands Department Head Amit Singh and Tata Steel UISL representative.

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