“So, what’s your sign?” This is something you hear a lot about in Los Angeles. And since moving to LA earlier this year, I’ve been rethinking my expectations on conversation starters. In New York, new acquaintances would ask me what I do for a living; Here, they need to know my sun, moon and rising sign. Even if they’re just trying to get my vibe, it begs the question: Is astrology real? Or is it just another form of small talk that breaks the ice?

The most relevant way astrology affects your life is through horoscopes, which can sometimes be hit or miss! However, it is a secret in astrology that you should check your sun * and * rising sign horoscope for more accuracy. Rising signs change every two hours, while Sun signs change every thirty days, making it a more specific astrological location. The rising sign is also known as the first house of self, which defines your sense of identity and the unique way you navigate the world. And because horoscopes are written with all 12 houses of astrology in mind, you need to know which zodiac sign rules your first house to know the rest.

For the record, I am a Leo sun, Taurus rising, and Pisces moon. While your sun sign dictates your ego and overall character, your rising sign represents the energy you put out into the universe. Your moon sign governs your emotional nature and how you process your emotions internally. I am a strict Leo; Someone who is very loyal and proud, but my Taurus rising gives me a love for luxury and stability that keeps me grounded. My Pisces Moon is where I attribute my creativity, romance and compassion. Plus, it also gives me a glimpse of mystery!

As someone with a mild yet active form of anxiety, I love reading my horoscope before each month to get a sense of what my near future holds. The stars and astrology have always fascinated me. Now that it’s July, I’m excited to see how my June 2022 horoscope stacks up against my actual experiences during the month. Looking back, it was full of disaster but it was also amazing fun!

I compared my life to my horoscope – here’s what happened

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June 3: Mercury Retrograde is finally over!

My Taurus rising horoscope: Get it together, Kim! You are getting a clearer view of yourself and what you think.

My Leo Sun Horoscope: You are on the verge of a major breakthrough in your career. Things are already easy to control, especially as Mercury starts to turn things around in your 10th house of ambition.

What really happened: I submitted my first three article drafts Style caster And I’m looking forward to it being published in the next few weeks, which is very exciting! All I ate in Little Italy that day was extremely cheesy pasta (I’m gluten intolerant) and alcohol, which almost threw me off the L train while breaking out in a cold sweat. Luckily, my boyfriend walked me back from the bodega with some essentials as I walked back to his apartment in the heels of the little Amazon mule. Clearly, Mercury Retrograde wasn’t with me yet!

June 11: Venus joins forces with Uranus in Taurus

My Taurus rising horoscope: An unexpected change in your relationship may come to light. You may be seeking more freedom, especially if the people you’re with aren’t giving you the freedom you need to find.

My Leo Sun Horoscope: Venus joins forces with Uranus in your 10th house of public image, and you may be putting out a newsletter of groundbreaking news. It reveals a new aspect of your career that begins to make itself known. You may feel like expressing yourself more and connecting with people who understand your ambitions.

What really happened: My first two Style caster The articles were published on June 7th and June 9th, so this is a new aspect of my career that is starting to blossom. I was also supposed to go back to Los Angeles on June 12th, but I decided to extend the trip to New York all the way to June 19th, mainly because it was an expensed work trip. One more week with friends and a boyfriend – I’ll take it!

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From June 13 June 14: Full Moon in Sagittarius

My Taurus Rising Horoscope: You are gaining a strong sense of self-confidence and stability in your finances. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will challenge your comfort zone. It brings inspiration to your eighth house of passion and shared finances, realizing where you begin and the other person begins. Be careful with your limits and boundaries and protect your energy.

My Leo Sun Horoscope: The Full Moon in Sagittarius sets off fireworks in your fifth house of fun and joy. Feel how it feels to create art and share it with others.

What really happened: I had a relaxing week, but this was the start of a bad week that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Luckily, the week started on a beautiful note, as I visited the Brooklyn Bridge with my boyfriend (his first time there)! His roommate also mysteriously disappeared for 24 hours, which can be completely attributed to the chaos of the full moon.

June 21: Sun enters Cancer

My Taurus Rising Horoscope: The energy brightens as we transition from the season of Gemini into the season of Cancer. Cancer will activate your social third house. Talk about what interests you and find new interests in the process. Venus also enters your second house of money and luxury, attracting wealth and abundance.

My Leo Sun Horoscope: The Sun will pass through your 12th house of spirituality as you wish to go back. Venus carries her flirtatious energy through the community-oriented 11th house, along with the development of the social scene. An internal search can mean great results.

What really happened: Turns out Romy has his phone and car stolen and has to deal with a family medical emergency. She didn’t mention any of this to her boyfriend (of course), and as a result, tensions were high in the apartment. Maybe Cancer season things a sign? Maybe the full moon was still affecting him? It’s up for interpretation!

As for my return flight to Los Angeles on June 19th, it was delayed and then canceled just as we were about to board! After six hours of waiting at JFK, I returned to Brooklyn and once again fell in love with my boyfriend. He sweetly greeted me with wine and dinner for my sad mopey self (he is a Scorpio, after all). Did my bag somehow make it to Los Angeles, though? However, my new flight was rescheduled on June 22. Meanwhile, I certainly longed to be welcomed back to my own apartment after so long. Maybe the material girl moment that mentioned my Taurus rising was the $200+ I spent on Ubers to and from JFK? It will surely understand.

June 28: The Sun closes with Jupiter in Aries

My Taurus Rising Horoscope: You’re on the brink of a major epiphany, as the Sun in Cancer squares Jupiter — the planet of growth — in your intuitive 12th house. You are called to explore spirituality and imagination. Your third house of communication is the focus as you move toward an exciting new idea, new friends, and deeper alliances.

My Leo Sun Horoscope: The Sun in Cancer will square Jupiter in your ninth house of wisdom and courage. Start planting the seeds of something new as you let go of a heavy responsibility from your past.

What really happened: My flight on June 22 was delayed for three hours on the tarmac due to bad weather. I almost didn’t make it back, yet again! For my third article Style caster Published on June 23rd, which is also the day I was able to relax in my own apartment in Los Angeles. I made the sudden decision to drive eight hours to San Francisco because I got word that my dad was *finally* coming back from Shanghai! He was stuck in China for almost a year due to COVID travel restrictions. I drove on June 24th and was able to stay with my entire family till June 28th. It felt good to get back to my roots, if only to relax and kick back before things pick up speed in July.

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Was my horoscope correct?

Going back to an eventful June (to say the least), it seems that my rising sign and sun sign horoscopes are associated with different aspects of my life. For example, the winter setting on June 11 caused a late flight, but a longer stay in New York. This gave me more time with my closest social circle and manifested as an unexpected change in my relationships, which is something my Taurus rising horoscope claimed would happen. Meanwhile, for my first two stories Style caster Published, which makes sense, considering my Leo Sun horoscope says I’ll be making waves in my career this month and releasing a “newsletter of ground-breaking news” in my profession.

This little social experiment pointed me in the right direction and warned me of what was to come. And because my horoscope did, indeed, feel right, I will definitely be checking my horoscope again in July to see what the stars have in store for me. I have a feeling my new LA friends would agree!

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