TIRUPATI: Orvakal police have arrested a local woman practicing traditional medicine as one of the four accused in the gruesome murder case reported in Nannur village in Nandyal district.
Kuruva Rameshwari (26) and Kuruva Renuka (23), daughters-in-law of Kuruva Goganna, were found murdered near their farmlands in Nannur village in the wee hours of Wednesday. Orvakal police conducted a detailed investigation in the case and took Goganna with his two sons Pedda Govindu a China Govindu in jail for questioning.
According to SP (admin) D Prasad, when Pedda Govindu and Chinna Govindu approached a local woman she was identified. Matam Parvathammawho practices traditional medicine, about two months ago, he planted a doubt in their minds that they were being made to consume a kind of slow poison, which maybe with their food.
Pedda Govindu and Chinna Govindu began to suspect their wives and began to believe that they were the ones who intended to kill both of them by getting them drunk. The duo and their father plan to kill Rameshwari and Renuka.
The accused left the bodies at the farm and returned home. They tried to plan the murder as the work of some unknown men, but failed when they were arrested by the police.

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