In many ways, astrologers are the beating heart of the show – just like the “experts” character. Marriage at first sight, if you’ve ever seen it. The three of them – Oddy, Knight-White and Colin Biddle – each act differently, personality-wise, but distinctly. Biddle is polished, American, like someone who’s grown up The eye of the bear. He doesn’t invest emotionally in couples because “I’m a Capricorn moon, and that’s not our character.” Knight-Waite, meanwhile, is a force of emotion. You can feel them coming in waves. “I’m like a proud mother,” she says. “I have all the feelings.”

For Knight-White, astrology is no joke, and the premise of the show is no gimmick. It’s in his blood. “My mother was a psychic and I grew up in a magical household,” she says. “It changed my life, it saved my life, it changed my life. I had a very traumatic childhood and I believe 100% that astrology guided me. My birth chart was the parents who were not for me – it was really overwhelming. is the.

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